Crochet Jujube Frog



Introduction: Crochet Jujube Frog

This was created by my bro he draws it with his pictures sometimes and I wanted to bring it to life as I would say or give it shape. It is a jujube shaped body with bulgy eyes that make it look kind of like a frog.


Yarn (any color for body, white for eyes, black for mouth and pupils)

Crochet hook (this is life blood to create)

Yarn needle (for all the stitching)

Stuffing (You gotta stuff it, is this the life blood)

Scissors (to cut your yarn obviously)

Stitch marker (Its always useful to well i guess to know were you are)


single crochet (If you crochet and don't know how to do this well i can't help you)

Chain (Same)

Magic Ring (its not really magical, but you can replace it with the chain 2 and work in the 1st chain I just like this way better)

Decrease (Invisible is best, i wish i was invisible)

Increase (Again a really simple thing)

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Step 1: Body

Body(main color)

1: sc 8 mr

2: inc around

3: 'sc, inc' around

4: '2 sc, inc'

5: sc around in back loops

6: '4 sc, dec' 5 times 2 sc

7-16: sc around

17: '2sc, dec' sc in last 3

18: 'sc, dec' around


19: dec around

20: dec 2 more times (5)

Finish off and close it.

Step 2: Limbs


1: 6 sc mr (6)

2: 'sc, sc inc' (9)

2-6: sc around (9)

Make 4 of these 2 for the arms and 2 for the legs

Step 3: Eyes

Eye x2

1: 6 sc in mr

2: 'sc, inc' around

3-6: sc around

Whites x2

-Ch 4

-4 sc along

-turn ch 1, 3 sc, slp stch to first sc in last row.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

1. Stitch legs to the front loop of the 5th round of the body.

2. Stitch arms around halfway up the body.

3. Stitch whites onto eyes then give it pupils, I did the wink eyes but you can do it however you want.

4. Stitch the eyes onto the top of the head

5. Stitch on a face, the V face looks cute its also how my bro always draws it.

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