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Hi friends!

I love crochet. As I came across the building block contest I just got an idea of combining crochet and lego.

Here is a crochet baby scarf with lego. I have also made yarn tassels to make it more beautiful. The kids will love it. I still remember how I used to love building structures with lego as a kid.

I have used 5 types of crochet stitches here.

1)Chain stitch

2)Single crochet

3)Double crochet

4)Half Double crochet

5)Bobble stitch

Please don't panic seeing the number of steps. I have included the beginner's tutorial for each and every stitch. If you are already familiar with the stitches you can just skip it.

If you like it, please do vote for me. It would mean the world for me. :)

Step 1: Materials

Crochet Needle


Crochet Hook - 5.5-6.5 mm will be suitable

Yarn/Thick thread - Different colors

I had so much of thread and wanted to make use of it.

Step 2: Building Block for Number 6

To begin with crochet we start with the slip knot.

How to do slip knot?

Wind the yarn around your fingers.

Pick up the yarn with the crochet hook through the loop you just made.

Pull the yarn so that the knot is pulled up to the hook.

The knot should not be very tight or you will not be able to work in ease with the hook.

Step 3: Row 1 (part 1)

Row 1- Chain stitch (10)

Now after doing the knot we have do the chain stitch. Here I have done 10 chain stitch.

How to do Chain stitch?

Now this is how to do a chain stitch. Here we go.

The crochet hook is now in the slip knot.

Firstly, with the crochet hook pick up the yarn as shown in the photo.

Now pull the yarn through the slip knot.

Step 4: Row 1 (part 2)

The first photo in this step show the result after 1 chain stitch.

Continue doing the same for 15 times.

Pick up the yarn and pull it through the loop.

Step 5: Row 2 (part 1)

Row 2 - Turn, Single crochet

After completing the chain stitch, we have to go for the single crochet stitch. Turn over and then start the single crochet.

How to do single crochet stitch?

Here, I will show how to do the single crochet stitch step by step.

Now from the end of the chain stitch we are going to do the single crochet stitch and go back to the starting point.

Leave the first hole (or) stitch.

Insert the hook through the second stitch from the end.

Pick up the yarn and pull back it through the stitch. Then we have two loops on the hook.

Step 6: Row 2 (part 2)

Again pick up the thread and pull it through both the loops.

Do the single crochet for the entire length of row 2.

Step 7: Row 3 (part 1)

Row 3 - Turn, 3 chain stitch, Double crochet

Turn the crochet work. Do 3 chain stitch. Then start the double crochet.

How to do the double crochet?

After the 3 chain stitch, pick up the yarn. Now insert the hook into the next stitch and pick up the yarn.

Then we are left with three loops on the hook.

Step 8: Row 3 (part 2)

Then, pick up the yarn and pull it through the first two loops.

Pick up the yarn again and pull the hook through the two loops.

This is how we do the double crochet.

Repeat the same with the entire row 3.

Step 9: Row 4 (part 1)

Row 4 - Turn, Chain stitch (2), Half double crochet (3) , Bobble stitch (1), Half double crochet (2), Bobble stitch (1), Half double crochet (3)

Turn over the crochet work. Follow the sequence of stitches as mentioned above.

Do 2 chain stitch. Then do the Half double crochet stitch.

How to do the Half double crochet stitch?

After two chain stitch pick up the yarn.

Insert the hook in the next stitch.

Pick up the yarn again and pull it through the stitch.

Now we have three loops on the hook.

Pick up the yarn again and pull it through all the three loops. This is called the half double crochet stitch.

Step 10: Row 4 (part 2)

According to the sequence after half double crochet stitch is the bobble stitch.

The bobble stitch is actually the rounded portion of the building block.

How to do the bobble stitch?

First pick up the yarn and insert the hook in the next stitch.

Pick up the yarn and pull it through the stitch.

Now you are left with three loops on the hook.

Pick up the yarn and pull it through the first two loops alone.

Then you are left with two loops.

Step 11: Row 4 (part 3)

In the same way continue same way in the same stitch.

Each time you will pick up the yarn and pull it through the first two loops only.

In this way each time the loop increases from 2 to 6.

Step 12: Row 4 (part 4)

When it is 6 loops on the hook, pick up the yarn and pull it through all the 6 loops.

With your hand just help the bobble to form a round hollow shape.

The next half double crochet will secure the bobble.

Complete the entire row as the sequence specified.


The thumb rule is hat when ever you want the rounded portion of the building block use the bobble stitch.

Step 13: Row 5, Row 6, Row 7, Row 8, Row 9, Row 10

Row 5 - Turn, Chain (3), Double Crochet

Row 6 - Repeat Row 4

Row 7 - Repeat Row 5

Row 8 - Repeat Row 4

Row 9 - Repeat Row 5

Row 10 - Single crochet

Step 14: Change Color

At the end of the last row, instead of picking up the same color yarn, pick the next color yarn you want.

secure the other ends of the new yarn and the previous colored yarn behind with your fingers.

Start the single crochet for the entire row with the end threads secured behind.

When you go to the next color block first do two single crochet. Only then the bobble stitch will appear in the front side.

Step 15: Lego Numbers

Now use the same technique for all the numbers. Just vary the number of rows and the position of the bobble.

By now you will understand how to vary for different numbers of the building block.

I have done the crochet for the number 4,2,3, 6 and 1.

Always start with 2 single crochet and then double crochet. When you want a row of the rounds use the half double crochet and bobble stitch.

Step 16: How to End Crochet Work

Now at the end remove the crochet hook. Pull out the last loop.

With the help of a large needle or crochet needle, take it through few threads in the back side for some distance.

Then bring it back through few other threads.

Step 17: Yarn Tassel (part 1)

For the yarn Tassel, I have used different colored threads. I wanted it to look vibrant.

First wind different colored threads you like around a thick paper.

Cut one end of the threads.

Step 18: Yarn Tassel (part 2)

Now remove it from the paper and lay them straight.

With a contrast color tie a knot two time at the middle. This will form the end that will be used to tie it to the crochet work.

Now take another thread and at a small distance below tie a knot.

Insert the crochet hook into the knot and bring down both the ends. They will now be a part of the tassel.

Step 19: Final

Make 6 such tassel.

Tie the open end of the tassel to the stitch of crochet at the end. Do the knot two times.

Cut the extra ends behind or with crochet hook pull it through the knot down.

Place the tassel at your desired position.

Your crochet Lego scarf is ready.

Hope the beginners tutorial was helpful.

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