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Introduction: Crochet Maple Leaf

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Just some leaves to go with your crochet pumpkins! Or you can all ways just make it into a festive garland to decorate your window or wall ;) ......................

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Step 1: Supplies

2}Color of yarn for your leaf


Sl- Slip Stitch
Trb-Triple Crochet
Dtrb-Double Triple Crochet
Dc-Double Crochet

Step 2: Starting

Row 1} ch 4, sl, sc 8,

Row 2} ch 2, sc and dc, dc 2, dc 2, dc 1, trb 1, trb 2, trb 2, trb 2, trb 1 and dc 1, dc 2, dc 2, dc 2, hdc 1, sl

Row 3/the steam} ch 8, sl in the 7 ch............

Step 3: Row 3/Points

Ok so I've made this a separate step because is kinda hard to explain..... So here it goes......

First leaf} sc and hdc into one pervious dc. Then ch 3 sl into 2 ch and then hdc and sc into one pervious dc

Second leaf} sc and dc into one pervious dc. dc and trb into a pervious dc. Then ch 3, sl into 2 ch. Dc and sc into one pervious dc

Third/middle leaf} sc and dc into one pervious dc. Dc 1, Trb 1, and Dtrb into one pervious dc. Then ch 3 sl into 2 of the ch. Dtrb 1, trb 1, dc 1 into one pervious dc.

Repeat second then first leaves.

Step 4: Done!!!!

Yay!!! Now you can decorate your table with homemade maple leaves!!! If you would like to see how to crochet some pumpkins to go with your maple leaves, check out my other instructables.

Until next time
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