Crochet Mario ? Box

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Step 1: The Base

Make six sides using this pattern

Row 1: ch 2 sc 12 in the second ch from the hook. Row 2: ch 1 sc 2 in each Row 3: ch 1 sc 1 sc 2 sc 1 repeat row 4: ch 1 sc 1 dc 1 sc 1 in the first sc. Then sc 5. Repeat Row 5: ch 1 sc four in the first sc. Then sc 7 in the next sc. Repeat---------------------------------------------Sew the sides together. Don't forget that you have to stuff it.

Step 2: Cutting

Cut the yellow and white felt and sew/hot glue the felt on the block

Step 3: Done!

Now you have your mario ? Cube! Hope you liked this instructable.

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    i Play mario and that is one of the best things that i have seen let alone done or played