Crochet Minion Hat

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Dc-double crochet

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Step 1: Supplies

-Yellow yarn
-dark gray felt
-black felt
-white felt
-glue gun or needle and thread
-I 5.5mm crochet hook

Step 2: The Hat

Row 1: ch 2,dc 12 in the second ch from the hook
Row 2: ch 2,dc 2 in each of the previous dc
Row 3: ch 2,dc 1,dc 2,dc 1,dc 2 repeat until you reach the end
Row 4: ch 2,dc 1,dc 1,dc 2, repeat until you reach the end
Row 5: ch 2,dc 1,dc 1,dc 1,dc 2, repeat until you reach the end
Row 6-14: ch 2,dc 1 in each previous dc, repeat

Step 3: Cutting Felt

Now just cut the eyes, hair and and mouth and sew/glue it on the hat. I hot glued it because I think it looks nicer and it's faster.

Step 4: Done!!!

Hope you enjoyed this instructable this it Indywave signing out

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    4 years ago

    My brother really likes minions. I showed this to him and he thought it was cool