Crochet Pizza Scarf

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Step 1: Supplies

Scissors, yarn needle and a I/9-5.50mm crochet hook

Brown (light)

Step 2: Pattern

Row 1: in yellow yarn ch 30 dc in the 2 ch from the hook.
Row 2-3: ch 2 dc 1
Row 4-5: ch 2 dec dc 1 until you reach the last 2 dec
Row 6-18: ch 2 dc 1
Row 19: ch 2 dec dc 1 until you reach the last 2 dec
Row 20-75: ok so at this point just dc 1 in each 1 and make as many rows you want.
Last rows: ch 2 dec dc 1,repeat

Step 3: Pepperoni

Row 1: ch 2 sc 8 in the 2 ch from the hook
Row 2: ch 2, sc 1, sc 2, sc 1, sc 2 repeat

(Note: I've made 21 pepperoni a for my scarf)

Step 4: Sauce and Crust

So at the beginning of you scarf attach your red yarn.

Red yarn

Row 1: ch 2 dc one in each
Row 2: ch 2 dc 6 in the previous dc, sc repeat

Brown yarn

Row 1-3 ch 2 dc one in each repeat

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    this is AWESOME!!


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    Thanks!! That is so true