Crochet Pot Lid Grabber Hat

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How about having a grabber hat for your pot lid made out of

crochet? It Looks funky and a great life saver from burnt hands. This pattern is quick and easy to make.

If pot lid grabber is going to be used with high do make it with natural fiber such as cotton or wool.

This is a perfect gift for moms and newlyweds. The crochet grabber adds life to your pot and saves your hand. You can make it in any colors you like and pattern. Here is how I made one for my pot.

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Step 1: Materials


Blue Yarn

Pink Yarn

4mm crochet Hook



Ch - chain

Ss – slip stitch

Tr - treble stitch

Step 2: Round 1

Ch6 and join with a ss.

I am using the blue yarn.

Step 3: Round 2

Ch3 and work 2 tr into each stitch of the previous round. Join with first tr with a ss.

Step 4: Round 3

Ch 3 work *1tr in one stitch and 2 tr in the next*. Continue from *to* till you complete the entire round.

Step 5: Round 4

Ch3 work 2 tr in each tr stitch of the previous layer.

Step 6: Chain

Ch 50 in pink yarn for a contrast. Weave through the holes in the 3rd layer.

Now place the crochet lid grabber on the holder. Tie the pink chain yarn in a knot.

There you go your crochet pot lid grabber is done. Adorn it on your favorite pot.

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    7 Discussions

    Andi C

    Question 5 months ago

    What size yarn are you using?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    good morning I am a little confused and I know if I get the 3rd round, 2nd step correct the rest will work out. How many TR do you have when finish this round? I count 13 or 14 on the picture but if I follow what it states there should be 10? Thanks for your time on this matter. Looking forward to your response. I have made two so far and love them but would like to know I am doing it correctly.


    1 reply

    It should be 10... Thanks for pointing it out! I hope you got the concept right? I guess I used 6 sc in the magic ring.. Anyways its just about the size. I will make the necessary corrections. If you started doing the Hat... do 10 tr in the round 2. 2 in each of the stitch in the previous row. For the next row do as mentioned. Sorry for the inconvenience.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea, I always forget how hot those lids get, and it looks really cute too!

    1 reply

    This reminds me, I still haven't found a cast iron fry pan handle sheath, those things get branding iron hot! Handy and useful Instructable too, BTW.

    1 reply