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Introduction: Crochet Sans (Undertale)

What is a Skeleton’s favorite song? Bad to the Bone

Just had to put in a bad skeleton joke i do not know any puns so this it good enough. Sans is my favorite skeleton right know and I wanted to share this pattern I made.

You can also find this pattern on my blog here is the link

To start with you need:

Yarn - White, Black, Blue, and Some Fake fur stuff(optional)

Yarn Needle

Place markers

Crochet Hook (whatever size works with your yarn)


mr = magic ring

inc = increase

dec = decrease

FO = Finish of

"#" = How many times you do that round

triple HD dec = YO pick of 3 stitchs, yo go though 3, yarn over pull though 3 (Sorry about this being confusing basically just do decrease 3 to 1 with half double crochet)

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Step 1: Legs & Body

Legs : (Start with white) x2
-6 sc in mr

-inc around

-sc around "2"

-switch to black, sc around "6"

Slip Stitch together with 2 stitches

Body : Still with black

-sc around (should be 20) "3"

-switch to white

-sc around "9"

-3 dec, triple HD dec, 4 dec, triple HD dec, 1 dec

- I just decreased around now until there was 6 stitches.

Step 2: Skull & Jacket

Skull : (White)

-sc 8 mr
-inc around

-inc 1 sc

-sc around "5"

-dec, dec, dec, 6sc, dec, dec, dec, sc in rest

-sc around

-inc, inc, inc, 6sc, inc, inc, inc, sc in rest

-sc around

-dec around

-dec around FO

Jacket : (Blue)

- ch 25 (This wraps around him)

-turn sc in 2nd stitch the sc along

-ch 1 turn sc along repeat until it the fits around the body nicely I did "9"

Hood : (Blue)
-Ch 16

-turn sc in 2nd ch from hook sc along

-turn ch 1 sc along "15"

You might want to check this to see if it fits your head if it doesn't you may have to add more to the chain of do more rows.

(P.s. I stitched my top part together before finishing so it was easier to try it on him)

Step 3: Hands & Arms

Palms (White) x4
-Ch 4

-sc in 2nd ch from hook sc along

-turn ch 1 sc along

*Add fingers to two of the palms by ch 3 fo, slip stitch to hand ch fo.

3 sc for fingers 2 sc for thumb

Bring the string from fingers down to the palm and tie to the tail of the finger it is better to do this one finger at a time as you make them (me i made the hand them was like hmm what should i do with all that finger string... The hand was also the first part of the body that I made) Then you take a palm without fingers and stitch it to the side that you put all your finger knot.

Arm (Blue) x2

-6 sc in mr

-inc around (You should stitch hand onto arm now or in a few rows)

-sc around "6" (This can be increased of decreased you should check it against the size of your body)

Step 4: Finishing Touchs (Eyes,Face)


Eyes (Black) x2

-sc 8 in mr fo

You can do whatever you want with them you can leave them black, or add little white dots, or give him a glowing eye. Or if you want to you can just make on eye and stitch a crescent shape to make him winking.

Stitch on a grin

Stitch triangle for nose

Now did we have a sansational time making sans. There are many different sans in the fan art here is a like to a picture click here some for references. I would have just said look it up but there is sum pretty weird stuff out there that may just traumatize you.

This has not been tested if there are problems please tell me!

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    3 years ago

    This is great! Thanks for sharing your crocheting project!