Crochet Shamrock Garland




This shamrock garland is quick to make up. Just in time to make it for St. Patrick's Day. 
This pattern consists of 3 and 4 leaf clovers strung together. 

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Step 1: Materials and Terms

This one is pretty simple, and pretty cheep if you have a stash of yarn lying around.

What you will need:
Worsted weight green yarn
A size G crochet hook
Something to cut the yarn

Ch: Chain
Sl st: Slip Stitch
Dc: Double Crochet

Step 2: 3 Leaf Clover Step 1

Ch 8 and Sl st into third ch from beginning
Ch 5 and sl st into the same place. Do this one more time and you have the structure of your "leaves".

Step 3: 3 Leaf Clover Step 2

Ch 1 and turn. 
Dc 6 into the first leaf structure and sl st to the second leaf. Repeat this for the second leaf into the third.
To finish off the third leaf sl st into the same spot you did originally for the leaf structures.
Sl st down the remaining ch to make the stem.
Tie off. 
You will need 8 of these for the finished garland. 

Step 4: 4 Leaf Clover Step 1

Ch 10 and sl st into the 4th ch from the beginning
Ch 6 and sl st into the same place as the first. Repeat until you have 4 leaf structures. 

Step 5: 4 Leaf Clover Step 2

Ch 1 and turn.
Dc 7 in each leaf and sl st into next leaf.
On the last leaf sl st into the same place you did in the first step.
Sl st down the rest of the ch to make the stem ad tie off.

Step 6: Attaching to Your String.

Attaching is pretty simple.
Ch 14 and attach a 4 leaf clover. Then *ch 14 and attach a 3 leaf clover* twice. 
Ch 14 and attach a 4 leaf clover, then *ch 14 and attach a 3 leaf clover* four times. 
Repeat the first line, then ch 14 and attach your last 4 leaf clover. Ch 14 more and tie off
Weave in all the ends. 

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5 years ago on Introduction

I love the way they sparkle and they are cute! Thanks for sharing.