Crochet Starburst Rug

Introduction: Crochet Starburst Rug

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My feet were cold, so I decided to make a rug to put by my bed. I chose this pattern for a star-shaped rug from but decided to alter it a little bit. The original designer used old, dyed T-shirts and a handmade wooden 8mm crochet hook. I didn't have either, so I used some scraps of Lion brand Homespun yarn (link: in several colors and the largest crochet hook I had on hand, a Boye size K (6.5mm). The rug turned out fine.

The pattern is pretty simple, essentially a granny square with five sides instead of four, worked around and around in double crochet.

My cat Bear loves to attack the rug, so when Bear is around the rug lives on my bed so it doesn't become prey. (Bear hates beds!)

Edit: Bear passed away on January 15, 2014. I left this Instructable up in his memory even though it makes me sad to look at it. Thanks for taking a look.



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    Thanks! Just don't let him hear you say that, like most cats, he has an inflated ego already :)

    Very nice! I'd like to make this into an afghan, but I'm unsure how to join. There are some odd-shaped spaces to contend with. Do you have any ideas? Again, very nice!!

    Absolutely, you may. Thanks for asking. Do check out the pattern I used, the author has written some inspiring background about it. Bellflower Rug Pattern I like the pictures on your blog, although I can't read the language (Portuguese?)

    Really a nice rug and cats always find the best place to sit (mine does too!)

    Very nice!
    And Barry/ Bear is very cute!
    I wish I had a cat. =/

    Awesome job!

    It looks lovely! And as usual, the cat seems to have taken it over. ;)