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Introduction: Crochet Stitch Yarn Pooling

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Okay so you want to learn how to create a plaid pattern in crochet.

Following these easy steps and you'll have a master piece in no time.

The main thing is when you start with this pattern you will need to be very precise, with counting stitches and your gage.

I will warn you, this can be very addictive.

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Step 1: Picking a Good Variegated Yarn.

Lets face it some variegated yarns are better for this project than others.

I bought Red Hearts "Mistletoe" hoping to make a scarf for my Mother for Christmas. The yarn worked out wonderfully until it was time to add a new skein. The length of the colors were different than the one I started with. Oh! The frustration!

  • Tip 1

While you're in the store choosing your yarn, check the length of each of the color changes.

You will want color changes that are close to the same length.

If you want a good clean plaid choose one that has four colors (in this sample I counted the white twice.)

If your project will take more than one skin, check to see that each skeins colors are the same length.

Supplies you will need:

  1. Varigated Yarn (get as many as you need the first time you go to the store)
  2. Crochet Hook (size of your choice) I used K
  3. The App. planned pooling.
  4. Knowledge of the Moss Stitch

Step 2: My Sample

I wanted to show you what Planned Pooling looks like with more color changes.

I choose Red Hearts "Wildflowers" for this Instructable.

It has six color changes.

I found the best way to find where one color begins is to pin it out under bright light. Moving the thread back and forth to see about how long each color is.

This yarn has 6 color changes.




Lt. Blue

Lt. Green


Step 3: The Magic of Planned Pooling

Here is where you get to figure out your pattern and project size.

The App I used is . Use this program for less frustration, unless you're a math wiz and can figure it out without the help.

Yes this App was originally for Knitting but it will work for our project in Crochet.

Here are two examples of Planned Pooling using the App. One with 42 stitches and the other with 30.

First you have to plug in the actual stitch count for each color.

  • Tip 2

When using this app the trick is first to crochet a whole set of the variegated colors in the moss stitch. You're not going to count the chain because you need to see how much yarn you will need for each color in the moss stitch.

Using the Moss Stitch. Crochet a whole set of each color. Be very careful with your tension as this will effect you pattern as you go along.

Count the number of stitches for each color.

These are the numbers that you will insert into the App. (I circled it with yellow in the picture.)

Now for the actual size of the pattern.

  • Tip 3

Example 1:

The first one is using 42 stitches in the pattern, this will make the plaid closer together. (Circled in red)

Example 2:

The second one is 30 stitches. This make the pattern bigger and more spread out. (Circled in red)

Play with the number of stitches until you get a pattern you like.

  • Rule 1) Is that the row has to be an even number (The Moss Stitch is done in twos).

Step 4: The Moss Stitch

The Moss Stitch is a very easy stitch to do.

This part is done by Tamara Kelly from Moogly. She is a great teacher and easy to listen to as an instructor.

Row 1: Ch an even number of stitches, sc in the 4th ch from the hook, *ch 1, skip 1 ch, sc in the next ch; repeat from * to end, turn.

Row 2: Ch 2, sc in the next ch-1 sp, *ch 1, sc in the next ch-1 sp; repeat from * to end, finishing with a sc in the ch-3 sp at the start of Row 1, turn. Row 3: Ch 2, sc in the next ch-1 sp, *ch 1, sc in the next ch-1 sp; repeat from * to end, finishing with a sc in the ch-2 sp at the start of the previous row, turn. Repeat Row 3 until you’re done!


Here is an Youtube video for those of you that need a visual to go along with.

Step 5: Example 1. 42 Stitches Wide

I did this one as a sample to show you that when you start the project your first 2 inches or so will look like a jumble of colors.

Be patient.

The pattern will emerge.

See how in the last picture you can see that the plaid is starting to show.

Step 6: Starting the Actual Project.

Rule 2.

If you want to skip the headache of having a bad project and say "This dont work!"

When you start you need to find where the first color actually starts. (Image 1)

This is very important for the pattern to work.

Start your crocheting here. Double check to make sure that when you cast on your yarn it is positioned right where the color starts. (Image 2)

Step 7: Example 2. Starting the Project.

Remember that your first couple of rows will not "Look" right.

  • Tip 4

If after about your first two inches the pattern does not start to appear. Stop and reevaluate what you have done.

Ideas to fix this;

  1. Check your gage.
  2. Check your stitch count.
  3. Make sure you are using the hook you started with. I've done this.
  4. If all else is right you may have to go back to the beginning and redo numbers in the App.

Step 8: Here Are the Next Few Rows.

Notice that even though I have 6 colors instead of 4 I still get a nice pattern.

Keep going until your out of yarn.

Step 9: Finished Project.

Congratulations you have done your first Planned Pooling Project.

I'm going to use this one for an Infinity Scarf so the perfect pattern is not that important to me.

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If you have any questions for clarification or ideas to make this a better Instructable please message me.

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