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Happy Valentine's Day! This is the tutorial for making a super cute sweetheart T-shirt yarn purse. If you like this crochet sweetheart T-shirt yarn bag, you may also enjoy my other sewing and craft projects on the blog at

There is also a free PDF download for the pattern available on my Ravelry profile here.

Are you ready? Click on to find out how to make your own sweetheart purse!


Step 1: Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Here are the materials needed:

Yarn: 85m of t-shirt / jersey yarn
(e.g., Darn Good Yarn’s Reclaimed Cotton T-shirt yarn, Hoooked’s Zpagetti, or make your own using thrifted/old T-shirts via the Mollie Makes tutorial here:

Hook: 9.0mm Other notions: Tapestry needles, 1 button, materials for making option lining (i.e. fabric, sewing needle and thread), plastic bag strap (or make your own using the same yarn)

Step 2: Begin Making the Heart Motif

Rnd 1: Create magic ring with 6 sts

Rnd 2: 2sc in each st – 12 sts

Rnd 3: (1sc, 2sc in next st) * rep until end – 18 sts

Rnd 4: (2sc, 2sc in next st) * rep until end – 24 sts

Rnd 5: 7 sc, (2sc into next st)* rep 3 more times, 2sc, (2sc into next st)* rep 3 more times, 7sc – 32 sts

Rnd 6: (3sc, 2sc in next st,) * rep 2 more times, 2sc in next st, 4sc, (2sc in next st, 3sc)* rep 2 more times, 3sc – 38 sts

Rnd 7: 2sc in first st, 7sc, 4hdc, 4dc, 2hdc, 2sl st, 2hdc, 4dc, 4hdc, 8sc – 39 sts

Rnd 8: 2sc in first st, (4sc, 2sc in next st) * rep 1 more time, 3hdc, 2dc in next st, 1dc, 2dc in next st, 2hdc, 1sc, 1 sl st, 1sc, 2hdc, 2dc in next st, 1dc, 2dc in next st, 3hdc, 2sc in next st, 4sc, 2sc in next st, 3sc – 48 sts

Rnd 9: 2sc into first st, 7 sc, 2sc into next st, 3hdc, 2dc, 2dc into next st, 4dc, 2 dc into next st, 1dc, 1hdc, 2sc into next st, 6 sl st, 2sc into next st, 1hdc, 1dc, 2dc into next st, 4dc, 2dc into next st, 2dc, 3hdc, 2sc into next st, 4sc – 57 sts

Step 3: Finish the Stitches for Your First Heart Motif

Rnd 10: 1sc, 2sc into next st, complete with blind sl st (see picture for details)

Step 4: Sew Your Heart Motifs Together

Cut yarn off, learning a long tail to weave in or for stitching the 2 heart pieces together. Sew in a loop and a button as the closure for your purse.

Step 5: Add an Optional Lining to the Bag

a. Create a paper pattern for the lining by tracing the shape of the heart motif on a paper. Using the paper pattern as a guide, cut 2 pieces of fabric in the main colour as your yarn, and 2 pieces as the contrast fabric.

b. With wrong sides together, sew along the lower and side edges of the 2 pieces of fabric in main colour. Repeat this for the 2 pieces of contrast fabric. Snip notches on the bottom pointed corner.

c. With right sides together, place the main fabric and contrast fabric pieces together. Sew along the upper edge, pivoting at the corners (as shown in the picture). Leave about 5cm of the upper edge free for turning the lining inside out. Cut notch along the curved seam.

d. Turn the lining inside out. You should now have a lining with the main fabric on the outside and the contrast fabric on the inside.

e. Sew the 5cm upper edge that was left unsewn using slip stitch. Press the seams if preferred.

f. Hand stitch the lining into the bag using slip stitch.



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    1 year ago on Step 5

    Seriously cute bag!!! Very nice pattern and well written!!!