Crochet Valentines Heart

Introduction: Crochet Valentines Heart

Today im going to show you how to make this crochet heart perfect for valentines day

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Step 1: Materials:

Size F and G crochet hooks
Stitch marker

Step 2: Make a Magic Loop

Drape the yarn over two of your fingers and wrap the yarn creating an x

Grab the second loop with your size G hook and pull through the first loop

Step 3: Chain and Single Crochet

Chain one and single crochet 5 into the ring then pull the tail to close the ring

Step 4: Round 1

Single crochet 2 into every stitch for a total of 10 stitches.
Because were working in a spiral do not slip stitch and chain one at the beginning of the row.

Step 5: Round 2

Single crochet 1 into the first stitch then single crochet 2 into the next stitch. Repeat around

Step 6: Round 3 and 4

Single crochet around.
The photo is after round 4

Step 7: Finishing Part One

Tie off and repeat making another "cup"remembering not to tie off on the second one

Step 8: Starting Part 2

Slip stitch the two cups together

Step 9: Part 2 Round 1

Change to your size F hook add your stitch marker and single crochet in every stitch around

Step 10: Part 2 Round 2

Single crochet every 9th and 10th stitch together.
How to single crochet
Stab into the first stitch pull up a loop stab into the second stitch pull up a loop yarn over and pull through all three loops on the hoop

The final picture is what a single crochet decrease looks like

Step 11: Part 2 Round 3

Single crochet decrease into every 4th and 5th stitch

Step 12: Part 2 Round 4

Single decrease in every 4th and 5th stitch on this round i moved my stitch marker

Step 13: STUFF!

Stuff the heart and the more you stuff the larger the heart but you dont want to stuff it so much you have your stuffing sticking out like the heart in the first picture the second picture is what the heart should look like

Step 14: Part 2 Round 5

Single crochet decrease in every 3rd and 4th stitch

The second picture is what the top should look like

Step 15: STUFF!

Stuff the heart again
I know the model doesnt look very much different but you want to stuffit to what you want it to look like because we are not going to stuff it again

Step 16: Part 2 Round 6

Single crochet decrease in every 2nd and 3rd stitch

The second picture is what the top should look like

Step 17: Part 2 Round 7

Decrease in every 1st and 2nd stitch

Step 18: Finishing

Tie off your work and your done there it no need to weave in your ends so you can just cut the tail after you tie off

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