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Introduction: Crochet Your Own Little Red Riding Hood Cape

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Going to a renaissance fair and need an outfit? Maybe just want something cute to wear to keep you warm outside. Well this cute hooded cape doesn't cost too much to make and doesn't take incredibly long to make. (it took me about 5 hours) My sister-in-law, Sara was kind enough to model off the finished results for me :) This project does require basic knowledge of crochet and sewing. You will need yarn, two crochet hooks. ( size 5.5 and then one that's a lot bigger to make the process faster) and 2 skeins of red yarn ( I always use red heart yarn)

Step 1: Start With a Chain

Make sure the chain is long enough for the diameter of your head horizontally.

Step 2: Next...

Using double crochet; make a few rows. After my finished results of making this project I say the more the better but at least 8 rows.

Step 3: Fold Your Work in Half..

Fold your work in half the long way and slip stitch in the last stitch parallel from the one you're working in. Cut the yarn and pull the yarn through the slip stitch to create a knot. Make sure to leave a good amount of yarn when cutting.

Step 4: Sewing the Gap

This is going to be the back of the hat so it's important to sew up that huge gap. Use the string tail that was created in the last step to sew. Make sure to sew it from the inside of the hat so the stitches aren't exposed. knot the yarn when you're done sewing to insure the stitches wont come out.

Step 5: Starting at the Beginning of the Row..

Choose one of the ends and slip stitch into the first stitch. Then chain 3 and double crochet in every stitch. When you make it to the end chain 3 and turn your work. Then double crochet in every stitch. Keep repeating this until you achieve the length you desire. With the one i made i added a few stitches in the back, however I believe that that's unnecessary.

Step 6: Finishing Up the Hood Part of Cape..

For a few rows I decreased a few stitches around the face because I came to find that i made the hood too long horizontally. I continued to double crochet in every stitch.

Step 7: The Rest of the Cape...

After you're done with the cape you need to increase stitches to make the cape is long enough to go around the shoulders and body. Depending on your size you may need to increase more or less than what I did. I recommend increasing in ever 3rd or 4th stitch for a few rows until desired width. After you're done increasing stitches you can go up to a bigger crochet hook. Towards the end I double crocheted in one stitch then chain stitched and double crocheted in second chain from the last double crochet. I did this to conserve yarn and time however it did create a cute design at the bottom.

Step 8: The Ties...

Crochet a small chain the width that you want your ties to be. Then keep adding on to it till you get the length you want with double crochet. Make sure they're long enough to tie and make two identical. Then sew them onto the hood right where it starts increasing into the cape part. If any questions don't hesitate to ask :)

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    Reply 4 years ago

    Wasn't too sure if i'd have the patience to do it or not haha. Came out better than i had hoped. I'm inspired to make another one that's slightly different.


    Reply 4 years ago