Crochet a Cute Dinosaur Puppet

Introduction: Crochet a Cute Dinosaur Puppet

This dinosaur puppet pattern is my original design and the PDF is available to download from Please not that this instructable gives an overview of the creation and assembly of the pieces. To get the crochet instructions with stitch counts, please visit my Ravelry Pattern shop.

To see more of my work or get copies of other patterns I've written, please visit my blog or Ravelry Pattern Shop . I also sell finished amigurumi in my Etsy shop .

Thanks for checking out my instructable and happy crocheting!
Karla (The Itsy Bitsy Spider)

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Step 1: Getting Started

To make my dinosaur, I used the following materials:
  • 3 oz acrylic yarn in main color. Small amount (<1 oz) of acrylic yarn in complimentary color.
    Scrap amounts of black and white (optional).
All of the yarns were purchased at Jo-Ann Stores, but you can find them at almost any craft store. By the way, you can use any colors of yarn you like for this project, so have fun with it!

The tools you will need include:

Step 2: Make the Upper Muzzle

The upper muzzle makes up the top/front of the puppet (where your fingers go). This piece is worked in a continuous spiral, so remember to use a stitch marker to keep track of the round you are on. The finished piece looks like a bucket.

Note: For exact stitch counts, please download a copy of the pattern.

Step 3: Make the Lower Muzzle

The lower muzzle piece forms the chin and lower jaw (where your thumb goes in the puppet). This
piece is started with a chain that is worked on both sides to create an oval-shaped round. The round continues in a spiral and the finished piece ends up looking like an oval-shaped bucket.

Step 4: Assemble the Muzzle

With the upper muzzle on top, join the two pieces starting on the left side with a SC. Hold
the two pieces together as you SC in the next 14 STS (see below).

Place stitch marker in next ST and continue to SC along the upper muzzle only. When you reach the place where you joined the upper and lower muzzle, skip down to the lower muzzle and work another across the bottom of this piece. By the time you reach the stitch marker, you should have a large circle that goes all the way around the outside of the head.

Step 5: Make the Snout & Brow

Continue working around the circle you created when you attached the top and bottom muzzle pieces until you have a good length for a snout. In my dinosaur, I went about 4-5 more rounds.

When you're ready to start working on your dinosaur's eyebrows, fold your dinosaur's head in half (so the fold line runs right up the center of the nose) and use a little yarn or a stitch marker to identify where the eyes will go. The idea is to add in some increases to form little bumps on the top of the head where the eyes will go.

For example, here's what I did:

Brow Round 1: SC in each of the first 14 STS. *2 SC in next ST, then 1 SC. Repeat from * 2 more times. SC in next 3 STS. **2 SC in next ST, then 1 SC. Repeat from ** 2 more times. 1 SC in each of the remaining 35 STS. MM.

Brow Round 2: SC in each of the first 15 STS. *2 SC in next ST, then 1 SC. Repeat from * 3 more times. SC in next 3 STS. **2 SC in next ST, then 1 SC. Repeat from ** 3 more times. 1 SC in each of the remaining 36 STS. MM.

Brow Round 3: SC in each of the first 15 STS. *DECR over next 2 STS, then 1 SC. Repeat from * 3 more times. SC in next 3 STS. **DECR over next 2 STS, then 1 SC. Repeat from ** 3 more times. 1 SC in each of the next 15 STS. CH 17 and skip the remaining 21 STS.

Step 6: Close the Head

To close up the head, decrease evenly in a spiral. When you get down to the last round of 6 (or so) stitches, break your yarn and use a yarn needle to gather the stitches and sew the head shut.

Step 7: Make the Neck

The hole for the neck should be the only opening now to the head area.

With the lower muzzle facing you, join yarn with SC at the left side of the gap left for the neck. SC across lower muzzle. When you reach the underside of the chain made the back of the head (see step 4), continue to make 1 SC in each of the free loops (see below).

Continue to SC in each ST around until desired length is achieved. For the project shown, the neck length was roughly 6-7 inches.

Step 8: Make the Spikes

The spikes run down the back of the dinosaur’s neck. You can make them all the same color or mix things up for a more fantastic look.

My spikes were small cones made in a spiral round. I left long tails to sew them to the dinosaur's head. Again, for exact stitch counts, you can download a copy of the pattern.

Step 9: Make the Nostrils & Eyes

Using the same color as the spikes (or another if you prefer), make two small spiral circles for the nostrils.

I made my eyes as ovals to give them a little more height and stitched a long pupil with black yarn (see below).

Step 10: Assemble the Puppet

1. Using tails left for sewing, attach the nostrils to the top of the upper muzzle.

2. Attach eyes just below the top of the brow line.

3. Starting at the top of the brow line, stitch spikes next to each other, going down the dinosaur’s back.

4. Weave in loose ends and enjoy!

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    Again, great work!

    I'm happy I subscribed to you, now I only need to learn how to do this stuff :p

    A series of these puppets would be nice to use in my class. I can see a whole puppet theater developing. I'm sure the kids would love it :D

    A question though. Wouldn't it be possible if you added the paterns to your instructables? I checked out the site and it seems like a good site but I'm sure many people will be put off with creating accounts for sites they only need 1 file from. So maybe you could include it here? I'm sure it"ll increase the views of your ible and  that more people will build it :)

    Just a suggestion though :)



    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Michel -- I wanted to share some of my more complex work (like the dinosaur), but Instructibles doesn't really give me an option to charge for my patterns - -that's why the link to Ravelry on this one.

    I'm not making a lot of money on the patterns -- really just enough to fund yarn purchases so that I can come up with more patterns (LOL). As a stay-at-home-mom, I feel like it's only fair to my husband to contribute to my own hobbies ;-)

    If you know of a way that I can still get a couple dollars for some of my more complex patterns while still posting them on Instructibles, please shoot me a message on how to do this. I would love to make it easier for folks!