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Introduction: Crochet Beauty Box

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This is a project I made as a surprise for my mom. She loves red and pink and as a woman she loves flowers! This was a quite quick creation, it took me in total 5 hours to make (plus photoshooting and editing :P ) and I gathered some materials which are very easy to find and unexpensive!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

So, I needed:

  • little less than 2 yarns (50gr) of principal colour (red)
  • yarn of different colour (I used pink)
  • coloured cardboards
  • an old shoe box
  • needles
  • glue
  • some paper clips for help
  • a ruler
  • scissors

Step 2: Starting With the Crochet

Basically, I crocheted a basket that fitted the measures of the shoe box I had. I used only double crochet to make the pattern and, although I just made a unique work that turned out cross like, you can make smaller rectangles and then sew them all together.

When I finished with the flat crochet work, I sewed the angles with a rounded sewing needle ( I helped myself with a paper clip) and a box like form turned out.

Step 3: Prepare the Interior of the Box

Altough you can crochet till the interior of the box, I preferred to glue some coloured cardboards to prevent the crochet from having dirt due to make-up or other beauty products' spilling, since my initial idea was to use it instead of zipped beauty cases. The cardboards are easily removable or replaceable in case they got dirty or broken, in contrast with the crochet which, once you have sewed it on the shoe box, it won't be easy to remove it for clean it!

Measure the shoe box, cut the cardboards and then glue them. With a sharp sewing needle and with the help of some paper clips, sew the crochet on the box. Obviously, BE CAREFUL at this step because the box is kind of soft and it's gonna to easily hole, but cuts can always happen!

Remember to pass the yarn beneath the crochet when you are sewing the exterior side so that stiches are not visible.

Step 4: Make Handles and Borders

With a simple slip stich I added a first layer of border so I could work on handles and final border.

To make the handle I chained 14 (but this depends on your box's size), worked with slip stiches for 3 layers, and then attached the handle on the other side with slip stich.

Also, I made a border with ''holes'' so that I could pass a ribbon through them. Just chain 2 and slip stich in the next stich. This makes a defined border with discreet holes.

Step 5: Flowers! Always the Fun Part!

I made six petal flowers (you can consult my video tutorial) to decor my box just by sewing them on it.

I used a red ribbon to ''fill the holes'' of the border as well.

And now your fantastic beauty box is just ready for use...! Simply wonderful!

My mom got excited about it and asked me to make more for the other family members in different colours!

I think this is a really nice gift to show how much you care about your loved ones or, if you're feeling greedy, you can just make it all for yourself to add some beauty in your bedroom or bathroom.

Hope you liked and enjoyed it! ^_^

If you have any question please feel free to leave a comment!

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    4 years ago

    It is really pretty!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you! I checked your work and you're awesome too! Good luck at the yarn contest! ^_^