Crochet Coffee Cuff




This is a frilly, yet practical accessory for your daily cup of coffee. It's got other uses, as you can see, and now it's one of those things I try to have on me all the time, like cloth shopping bags and subway tokens.

You will need:
  • crochet hook
  • yarn
  • scissors

This project is worked in single crochet. For the finished product, I've hooked into one side of each stitch, which gives it a neat "ribbed" texture (I tried to illustrate the difference in textures in the 3rd and 4th pictures, below).

Step 1: Start Your Chain

Make a chain that's a little shorter than the height of your coffee cup. (I was a little generous here; the 20-stitch chain in this picture is long enough to make a venti latte cuff.)

Step 2: Start Hookin'

Single-crochet into your chain. Repeat for about 30 rows, or until you have a swatch of fabric that can be wrapped around your wrist.

NOTE: to get the "ribbed" texture in the picture, hook in to ONE side of each loop; the side furthest from you.  Do this before AND after you "turn" your work.

Step 3: Embellish the Edge

(If you're not big on embellishment, you can skip to the next step.)

At this point, make sure your working yarn is on the same edge as the tail from the beginning of your work (you'll need this for step 4). If it isn't, you can add another row, or rip one out.

You are going to have wide, loose spaces between each "rib", along the long edge of your fabric (I circled these in the second picture below). Crochet along the long edge, single-crocheting into the tight spaces, and double crocheting four times in each loose space.

Step 4: Seam the Edges

Join the two short edges of your cuff by crocheting them together. If you were careful to line up the tail and the working yarn in step two, you can now crochet over top of the tail to hide it.

Step 5: Finito

You're done. Throw this in your bag, or slip it on your wrist before the morning commute and you can do away with dull, brown cardboard java jackets!

Also good for other temperature-sensitive beverages.



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17 Discussions

I couldn't figure out how you knew I was from Canada. Then I realized that there's a dead giveaway in Step 1.  :)


7 years ago on Introduction

I suppose this is better than paper sleeves… personally I use a stainless steel travel mug, which is definitely greener, plus it keeps the coffee hotter ;-)



8 years ago on Introduction

I love this so much! I'm a beginner at crocheting and am making this my very first "project", thanks for posting this! :)

1 reply

I started making this and my ribbed structure doesn't look like yours. I crochet into the loop that is closest to me and I have nice stripes, but they don't really look like ribs. Also, I should tell you that I ALWAYS crochet into that loop, no matter that I turn the work every time.
Could you please tell me if you have done anything differently, I really like your texture better.

2 replies

When I crochet ribbing, I usually hook into the back loop - that is, the one *away* from me. I actually didn't think it made a difference either way. I will make this, and some other changes to this Instructable. Thank you for commenting!


8 years ago on Step 5

super cool. i'm making two, that way i can be just as fashionable as my drink. (^_^)

1 reply

9 years ago on Introduction

 Can you include details on how to seam the edges together?


9 years ago on Step 5

This is fantastic!  I'm going to try making some this weekend, thanks!!


I love it!!! A great way to use what's-left of a skein from other projects... Thanks! :)


9 years ago on Introduction

This is beautiful! I am faving it to try later. Do I need to know the size of the hook or the yarn?

1 reply

Thanks for the kind words! I used a 4.0mm hook and some light utility twine for the project in the picture, so it looks fine and frillly. Thicker yarns + bigger hooks would give you a more "nubbly" texture, but doesn't really affect the integrity of the design (because, really, it's just a big ol' rectangle,) I think the only measurement you need to know is the one around your wrist. Just grab whatever hook, and whatever yarn, and just crank out rows of crochet 'til that thing fits around a coffee cup.