Crochet Dragon Toy

Introduction: Crochet Dragon Toy

A while ago I crocheted a rabbit toy that I saw in the Lion yarn catalog (pattern is #60480A). After that, I decided I wanted to use that technique to make myself a dragon toy - and I finally did!

The body is made of Sensations Rainbow Classic yarn, which I think is made exclusively for the Jo-Ann stores - I could be wrong. All black and yellow yarn is Lion's Wool-Ease, the tongue is made from Lion Jiffy, and the eyes are Lion's Glitterspun. He's stuffed with polyester fiberfil, except his brain, which (as shown) is made out of Three Stooges fabric, because I had some scrap strips and somehow it seemed appropriate.

All the crocheting was done on an H/8-5.0mm hook, and knitting on US8/5 mm straight needles.



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    I am also wondering about a pattern...or at least instructions on the mods you made to the original bunny pattern (available free on Lion Brand Yarns). Are the instructions going to be posted soon? It's not fair to show us such a cute toy on an instructions website and not give us instructions. :) Please don't tease us? :)

    ladydragon says , love thecrochet dragon toy would love to make for my grandaughter, how do I go about getting a pattern please??? lots of interesting things to do. thank you

    Dragonscat, cool user name, I wish I had thought of that, instead, I have weird cat pictures. :p

    would you be willing to share this adorable dragon pattern? I love dragons so much that I even have one tattooed on my leg

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    this may be a silly question, but did you make it so the 3 stooges 'brain' could be seen after it was sewn up, or was it just your fun idea to use it as stuffing - secret dragon stuff? Very neat toy and great imagination!

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    Thanks! Nope, it's not visible from the outside. I felt mildly sad about that while working on it, but not sad enough to want to change the design. That's why I took the picture of the stuffing in progress - it's fun knowing the Stooges are there, but it's even better to have proof so that other people can know it, too! :) It's almost a family in-joke - I didn't know until I was quite grown up that women aren't supposed to think the Three Stooges are funny (I guess the whole visual versus verbal humour thing?) but my sister and my brothers and me always watched it every chance we got. So I partly did it because I knew my family would think it was funny, too.

    I didn't know that this was one of your many talents! How adorable! I have a nephew who's "into" dragons if you ever what to go into business.

    Awesome! I have always loved dragons, and I agree with stinkymum, this one is very cute, please post more, I love dragons! :-)