Crochet Tutorial - Amigurumi (Part 2)


Introduction: Crochet Tutorial - Amigurumi (Part 2)

Demonstration of how to make a stuffed ball shape using single crochet in the style of amigurumi. This is part 2.



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    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I know its been up a while, I'm new to Instructables, but its so great. I love Amigurumi but never knew how to crochet in the round and how to increase and decrease to make them. Your tutorial was super easy to follow and I so can't wait to start makin lots of amigurumi buddies for my nieces!

    I know this is months later but I just discovered amigurumi. I can't find instructions on how to "sew the parts together". Do you use regular sewing thread, clear monofiliment, the yard used for the crochet or what? Any help or a guide to the instructions for assembly would be greatly appreciated.