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Introduction: Crocheted Bow Tie





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Step 1:

We choose a loop of wire (point of intersection is held between the thumb and middle) we go through the loop crochet thread crochet once (English: yo, rum.: jeteu) and pull the thread through loop. In this time, we go loop because it will loosen, but facetm an eye-chain (ie less tragetm a jeteu with crochet) pull the end of the thread with which we work (wire hanging) so to collect loop and ready, then continue with 15 mesh chain . This is the first row.

Next we have to make single crochets on the chain

Pass the crochet though the eye of a chain, take (we thread crochet) and pull back through the eye of the hook chain loop that we have made. Now we have two loops on the crochet. Take and pull the crochet back through the two loops on the crochet, with the wire wrapped her now again we have one loop, one in which there is crochet. We have to repeat this step 15 times and then make 18 rows like this

Step 2:

Collect a chain of 8 air loops, close the chain into the ring and knit 15 rows of single crochets. This is the middle of the bow.

Step 3:

Bow has to be folded as shown in the photo, apply the middle and sew.

Step 4:

Iron the bow.

We are done!

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