Crocheted Capris for Clara

Introduction: Crocheted Capris for Clara

Pink and Purple yarn crocheted into an adorable pair of pants for a toddler.

To make your own, you need to begin by measuring your child. Measure around the widest part of their hips and their legs. Double the measurement of the leg and if it is larger use it to determine the length of your waisband. Also measure the length from your child's bellybutton to crotch. This will determine the rise or length of the body. Finally measure the length of your child's leg.

You will need a size F hook and enough yarn to crochet your project. I used apx. 5 oz. 3.5 in main color and 2 oz for waistband and embelishments. This garment fits a 3-12mo old. Measuring 23" for the waistband, 8" for the rise, and 13" for the cropped leg.

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Step 1: Making the Waistband:

Begin by crocheting a chain (ch) of 10.

Row 1: Turn and single crochet (sc) in the 2nd ch from hook. SC in each ch. (9 sc)

Row 2: CH 1 turn and sc in the outside loop of each sc. (9 sc)

Repeat rows 1 and 2 till your crocheted waistband is the same width as the hips of your child.

Now you need to join both ends of the waistband to form a circle. Slip stich (ss) to join. Finish off if changing colors.

Step 2: Making the Body:

Now you turn your project and sc, double crochet (dc) evenly around the edge of the waistband. If you change colors, you want to join the new yarn by sc on the edge of the waistband where you finished off. Be sure to sc over your loose ends. Notice you are working right to left. When you get around the waistband you want to join by ss with the first sc. CH 1 turn and sc in each dc and dc in each sc. You repeat this till your garment measures the same as from your child's bellybutton to crotch.

Step 3: Making the Legs and Drawstring:

When you are almost finised with the body of the capris, you want to count your stiches. This will help you know how many stiches to make for each leg. Divide the number of stiches by 2. On the next row, you will crochet only halfway around. Then you will join with the first stich, ch1 and turn and continue the pattern of sc in dc and dc in sc. You will want to note wether you are crocheting from the outside or the inside. When you begin the other leg, you will need to start it the same way you did the fist leg.

Continue until the first leg is the length of your child's leg or as long as you want the garment to be on your child. Finish off.

2nd leg: Join yarn by sc in a stich on the inside of the crotch next to the first leg. Continue the pattern of sc in dc and dc in sc around the opening. Join with first stich by ss, ch 1, turn and continue pattern until the 2nd leg is as long as the 1st leg.

To make Drawstring ch 2 insert hook into first ch, yarn over (yo) and pull one loop through, yo and pull through two loops on hook. Continue by inserting hook into the loop one stich back, yo pull one loop through and then yo and pull through two loops. Continue this until it is a couple inches longer than the length of the waistband. Finish off, Weave the drawstring around the waistband by pulling it through with your hook. Have the seam of the waistband be in the front where the bow will be tied.

Step 4: Embelishments:

You can stop here or you can embelish your garment.

To create ruffles dc 4 in each stich and then join at the top of first dc and finish off.

You can also add a heart motif. This pattern is not included because it is not my own.

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    7 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    These are really adorable! I have 3 little girl grandbabies and would love to make them some of these!Thanks for the great instructions! You included everything and have made me want to try and tackle this project! Thanks again!

    These are cute, I make and sell soakers and longies, may I make and sell these or would you rather I not? I want to make some for my baby too, they are very cute! Vilate's Nifty Nook


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Sure. You are welcome to make them and sell them. Thank you for asking. I'd love to see what yours look like when you finish.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Those longies (ok I guess they really aren't longies) are so cute!!!


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Neat! I've never actually crocheted clothing before- you make it seem much less scary. ;)


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    It really isn't that scary. You just have to know the language. Abbreviations are the hardest part. A good how to crochet book should have definitions for each abbreviation. Instructions for each step also help. Feel free to ask questions. I'll help if I can.