Crocheted Expandable Planter/Pot/Plate/Hat Holder

Introduction: Crocheted Expandable Planter/Pot/Plate/Hat Holder

About: Inventor of Crochainmaille(crochet+ chainmaille) and Armorgurumi(Amigurumi made with Crochainmaille) granted most of my stuff published here involves yarn I hope to expand into other realms and materials.

This instuctable will show you how to make a expandable egg shaped thingy that has multiple uses..some that might be useful..

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need

7 inch Metal hoop

1/2 inch and 1/4 inch 17 gauge jump-rings

5 mm H/8 crochet hook


14 gauge Aluminum wire (or 17 gauge steel ...aluminum being easier to work with.)

Step 2: Making the Wire Frame

Starting with a hoop and aluminum wire cut into 14 inch pieces...

Single loop the ends or the wire around the hoop..with the next piece overlapping and so on until its all around...You could stop here or..but for the full egg shape flip it around and do the same to the opposite side of the hoop.

Using the jumprings as spacers take 8 1/2 inch and attach with 1/4 inch jumprings one on each side of the hoop..It might only take 4 1/2 inchers or 1/4 inch in some spaces... play around and find what fits.

Step 3: Crocheting the Frame

Using a your hook single stitch the yarn around the aluminum wire tie off the ends..change colors if you want.

Step 4: Add a Planter or Hat Step Back and Enjoy

You could loop more yarn around the wire to make a hanging planter ..or put a hat (or cap) on it for a funky lil hat stand ...Since its expandable you could put a plate on it as well...Enjoy

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