Crocheted Eyeball





Introduction: Crocheted Eyeball

Crocheted eyeball, complete with optic nerve

You will need

4mm hook
Double knit yarn in whitish, black, red and whatever iris colour you like
Yarn needle

Using black yarn Make a magic ring with 6 chains

RND1 2 dc into each stitch around
Swtich to iris coloured yarn
RND2 *1dc in first stitch 2dc* in next stitch all the way around
RND 3 *1dc in first 2 stitches 2dc in next* all the way around
RND4 *1dc in first 3 stitches 2dc in next* all the way around
Switch to whitish yarn
RND5 *1dc in first 4 stitches 2dc in next* all the way around
RND6 *1dc in first 5 stitches 2dc in next* all the way around
RND7 1 dc in each stitch around
RND8 Blood vessel round! As round 7, but at various points 1dc in red, then make long chains from this dc, then continue round as normal.
RND 9 As 7, but slip stitch in red chains as required
(continue to slip stitch in red chains until round 13)
RND 10 *1 dc in first 5 stitches, dec next stitch* all the way around
RND 11 *1 dc in first 4 stitches, dec next stitch* all the way around
RND 12 *1 dc in first 3 stitches, dec next stitch* all the way around
RND 13 *1 dc in first 2 stitches, dec next stitch* all the way around
Stuff eyeball
RND 14 *1 dc in first stitch, dec next stitch* all the way around
RND 15 *1 dc in first stitch, dec next stitch* all the way around
Sew up hole
Finish off
With red yarn and yarn needle, sew blood vessels together for a couple of inches to make optic nerve
Finish off
Impress/gross out friends



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    36 Discussions

    Oh, this is sweet! I'll have to get started now to have enough for Halloween. ;) Would look great hanging off of a hat or balaclava...

    7 replies

    It's fairly big for a hat, you , may want to make it a little smaller. I love the idea of a eyeball replacing a bobble on a hat :)

    When you instructed to slip stitch the red chains in, do I slip stitch instead of the dc? Or is it an addition to the dc?

    Ooh, that too. I was more thinking of fake eyeballs dangling off the front of a ski mask from just under the eye-holes. ;)

    I immediately thought you meant to have them hanging off the brim of your witch hat, like traditional Australians have corks hanging to keep the flies away.

    So that would be alternating crocheted eyeballs and dead computer chips dangling round the hat then?? : D

    thank you kuhlmom48, I should of read the comments first! That was going to be a gigantic eye!!!!
    Canida, and greensteam, you crack me up!!!!!! Hanging from a hat and a ski mask, sooooo funny!!!!!

    I made up 6 of these just before halloween and now I am finding I need to make another one. Everybody loves them once they are no longer grossed out. I hope I interpreted the stitch this pattern called for correctly. I assumed this pattern was written in England or Canada? The dc in this pattern for those of us in the US is actually supposed to be a single crochet and not a double crochet, which in England is a treble stitch. A US double crochet would make this the size of a volleyball and not fist size which the single crochet made up. Is that correct? My 5 month old grand daughter loves the eyeballs that her momma and daddy got from me. Thank you!!!

    Id like to hang a couple of these off my mirror in my truck like those fuzzy dice but the eyeballs would be neeto !

    I have never crochete(d?) befor and was wondering if you had pictures on how to make it step by step since it looks really fun.

    1 reply

    Your eyeball looks very much like mine, except smaller. The one that I wrote the pattern for is approximately 6" across. It's for "kids" to play with~ No matter the size, they're grossly fun~:o)

    I just finished one for a friend _ Only one detail: I think that the colour changes in the pattern are wrong because I tried to do it like you wrote and the pupil was way too big. I changed to iris colour after RND1 and to white after RND4. Anyway, thanks for the pattern, I really didn't know what to make for my friend's birthday XDD

    1 reply

    you are absolutely right - sorry - I counted the rounds after finishing and stupidly included the magic ring

    I would really like to learn this, but I cannot understand the instruction :( how do i start? Btw, is there a solid ball inside the eyeball to hold it in place??? Cheers

    2 replies

    Magic ring (see Cygni's link)
    RND= round (as in once round)
    DC=double crochet (or single crochet if you are american)

    I imagine there are probably crochet instructables if you don't know how, if not I suppose I could make one one day.