Crocheted Five-Swan Symphony Doily: a Perfect Holiday Gift

Introduction: Crocheted Five-Swan Symphony Doily: a Perfect Holiday Gift

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Crocheted Five-Swan Symphony Doily... we made it...

Thanks to the pattern idea from this website...

I was searching for an idea for the Fiber Arts contest and stumbled upon the free pattern and instructions provided by the website for Swan Symphony Doilies. Based on the idea, I have made my pattern for a three dimensional five swan symphony doily. As I was  new to crocheting, struggled with the hook and thread for a whole day, when my daughter came to my rescue. Thanks to her, we could make this in time. She is also not an expert on crocheting, but somehow manged to help me out with this design.

The total length of this doily is 70 centimeters, center piece measuring about 30 centimeters and each swan is of 20 centimeters in length.

I am not familiar with much of the technical terms used in crocheting, Kindly bear with me...

Step 1: Materials

Being semi-rural, we do not have much choice in selecting the material. We went to a store which sells craft materials and bought the following items:

  • Cashmilon yarn 6 rolls of white color, five for the swans and one for the center piece
  • Cashmilon yarn one roll of red color for edge of center piece, bottom of neck and beak of swans
  • Crochet hook two pieces (one is enough, but we bought two). They were marked as 13 on the sides and it was the only size available
  • A bundle of cotton from a medical store (required for stuffing the swans' neck and beak)

Please make sure to buy the required colors of yarn to finish the piece at one time (with some allowance). Or otherwise you may find it difficult to get the matching colored yarns latter.

Step 2: The Center Piece

The center piece is of 30 centimeters in diameter.

Commence with the red yarn. Crochet to a diameter of about five centimeters to form a flower pattern and close the ring.

Make the rows around the flower pattern using white yarn. Here we have made eight rows of thirteen spaces each, increasing the diameter gradually. Finish the eighth row with white and red borders.

Step 3: Swan's Neck and Beak

The entire neck portion of the swan is 15 centimeters in length including the 3.5 centimeter long beak with a diameter of 2.5 centimeters.

Commence with two rows of red band around the neck and proceed to form a tubular structure with white yarn. From the length of 7 centimeters to 11,5 centimeters, gradually increase the diameter from 2.5 to 3 centimeters for the swan's head. From there, using red yarn, crochet the swan's beak to a conical shape.

Insert cotton into the neck portion which will help in holding the swan's head firm upright in the doily. The swan's head can be bent to the required angle and held in place by sewing.

You need to make five of these swan necks for the doily.

Step 4: Swan's Body and Wings

  • Start from the finished neck portion of the swan and crochet 2 centimeter wide by 10 centimeter long center portion
  • Add 3 centimeters on both sides of this, gradually reducing to form the swan's body
  • Add 5 centimeter wings on all sides of the finished body in six rows with 24 spaces
  • The swan is ready

Complete other swans also with the same pattern

Step 5: Attach Swans to Center Piece

As all our crocheted pieces are ready, it is time to attach the swans to the center piece.
  • Measure the outer circumference of the center piece and divide equally into five parts
  • Attach the five swans to the center piece
  • Mark the swans' eyes with fabric paint

Step 6: Assemble and Enjoy

Assemble the finished five-swan symphony doily anywhere you like and Enjoy...
You can also gift this to your loved ones for any occasion

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