Crocheted Halter Swim Top

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Pick your yarn in the color and worsted weight of your choice.

This is a beginner project. This is steps for small adult. Use a 5.50mm crochet hook for this project. This is for those who already know how to crochet.

Step 1: The Ribbed Portion

Ch 11 sc in 2nd st from the hook. Ch 1 turn and sc in each back st of ea sc. See 2nd image. Ch 1 turn and sc in ea back st until you have 11"".

This section will be vertical on the project.

Step 2: The Body

You will now be working horizontally along the ribbed section of the top.

Ch2 crochet 2 dc in each st of the row. Ch 2 turn dc in each st for 7 rows.

Ch 4 sc in every other st to the end of the row.
Ch 4 turn sc through each loop and repeat until you have 5 rows. Ch 2 turn.

2 Dc in each loop to the end of each row. Ch 2 turn and dc in each stitch for a total of 3 rows. Ch 4 sc in every other st ch 4 and repeat to the end of the row for a total of 2 rows

Step 3: The Ties

This step you can use what ever you want for ties from ribbon, crocheted ribbon, rope, chain use your imagination. I have shown a few different ways with two different types of ribbon and a crocheted ribbon.

You can wear this as a halter top or a halter top swim suit and use a pair of shorts or a swimsuit bottom.

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    Thank you very much, it is a really nice piece and you can custom it to your taste with different type of ribbons, rope and crochet rope and ribbons.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you very much, this is made of all beginner stitches so it is very easy to make. Thank you for looking at my project.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    No this is not heavy at all; it is quite light weight and airy. It also feels good against the skin. Thank you for your interest in my instructable project.