Crocheted Monocle

Introduction: Crocheted Monocle


So I found this great pattern for a knitted mustache here:

And it turned out so well I decided I needed a great monocle to complete the look.

Very basic crochet skills needed.

You Will Need:

Grey Yarn
Yellow Yarn (For the Chain)
Memory Wire (Bracelet Sized)
5mm Crochet Hook

Step 1: Step 1

It's made by doing a simple crochet in the round.

First, you need to chain about 40 stitches in the colour of yarn that you want your monocle to be. In my case Grey. You can modify the amount of stitches you need based on the size you want your monocle. Then you Single Crochet in each stitch and tie off once you get back to the beginning again.

Step 2:

Once you're done this, cut a piece of Memory Wire to be about an inch and a half longer than your monocle circle. Carefully feed the wire through the stitches on the wrong side of your monocle.

When you've weaved it through, use your pliers to make a small hook on one side of your wire to catch around the other side. Bend the longer end to point 90 degrees from your monocle and make a small loop. This will the both the handle and the place to tie your string.

Make sure you've tucked away any pointy ends of wire and cut off any excess. Then add your string and VOILA! All you need now is your top hat.

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