Crocheted Newborn Hat




Introduction: Crocheted Newborn Hat

This is a perfect pattern if you have a little one arriving soon! It's perfect for shower gifts!

Step 1: Materials

-Crochet hook size J
-baby friendly yarn

Step 2: Slip Stitch

Step 3: Chain Three

Step 4: Slip Stitch in First Chain

Step 5: Row 1

Chain 3. Double crochet in the circle you've just made. DC 12. Slip stitch in the top of chain.

Step 6: Row 2

Chain 3. DC 2 in each stitch. Slip stitch in top of chain

Step 7: Row 3

Chain 3. *DC 1, DC 2 in 1 stitch* *repeat*. Slip stitch in top chain.

Step 8: Row 4

Chain 3. *DC 2, DC 2 in next stitch* *repeat*. slip stitch in top chain.

Step 9: Attach Row Marker

Step 10: Double Crochet

Double crochet for 6 rows.

Step 11: Edging

DC 3, DC 2 together. Repeat.

Step 12: Finish

Tie off and cut loose ends. Leave it plain or add little decorations like flowers or tractors.

Step 13: Examples

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    6 years ago

    Note: All pictures is this instructable are pictures of my friends baby and my cousin. All projects featured in the examples are projects made by me.