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I have seen many cool ways to decorate Chuck Taylor shoes, but this is my favorite. It's easy to do and makes an amazing finished product! All you need to be able to do if make a crocheted chain stitch, and apply glue! If you don't know how to make a crochet chain there are lots of great tutorials on Instructables!

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Step 1: The Supplies

1) A shoe - I used a target ChuckTaylor knock off as my base. But you can use any shoe that you like!

2) Yarn - Any acrylic yarn will work. I have found that 100% wool yarn does NOT work. The chain just wouldn't adhere, so use acrylic yarn and save yourself the headache. Keep in mind the thinner the yarn the more it will take to cover the shoe, and the thicker the yarn the wider the crochet lines will be. I used a (4) medium weight yarn. I also used a yarn with a bit of sparkle to it, but that is a matter of personal taste. There is no gauge to this project, use whatever you have on hand!

3) Crochet hook - Any crochet hook will work, pick one that works well with your yarn. In my case medium weight yarn and a 5.00 mm hook (US 8/H)

4) Glue for the shoe – The glue is E6000 and there are now lots of different kinds of this brand of glue on the market. The type I used is the Industrial strength permanent adhesive. This glue dries clear, but more importantly it dries flexible which is a big deal for a shoe that is going to need to flex with your foot!

5) A tip for the glue – This is the most important thing you need to make these shoes!!! The neck of the glue is very large and the glue comes out in globs, unless you use a special tip. I found mine at Fire Mountain Gems ( Be aware there are 2 different tips based on what size bottle of glue you have. The glue can also be purchased at Fire Mountain. One more note on this glue, the first 2 bottles I had both ruptured towards the bottom of the tube. I finally ended up duck taping the entire 3rd tube of glue to keep it in tack. That did work well.

6) Glue for laces - You can use the laces that come with the shoes you are decorating, or you can be more creative. If you chose to be more creative you will need super glue to make the aglets (the tips of the laces!). I used a super glue with a brush tip to have a bit more control on where the glue was put.

7) Yarn or ribbon for laces - Again you can use the laces that come with the shoe or buy premade laces, but if you want to make your own you will need yarn or ribbon to make them.

8) Scotch Guard - This is not necessary but it will make your shoes weather proof, and I totally recommend it!

Step 2: Chain and Chain and Chain Some More!

Start making your crochet chain, and when you think you have enough chain some more. Finally when you have chained more that you think you can possible use we can start with the gluing! I began in the lower corner of the shoe. Just take the beginning of the chain and apply a bit of glue to hold down the start of the chain.

Step 3: Start to Cover the Shoe

Next we are going to begin to cover the shoe. Just take the chain and make “U” shapes. Don’t go over the gromit holes for the laces and don’t worry about the small spaces above the grommits either. That area will be covered later. Also if there is a bit of a gap towards the bottom don’t worry we will fix that as well.

Step 4: Continue Covering

Keep covering the shoe around the back and onto the other side. Stop when you get the the lower corner of the other side of the shoe.

Step 5: The First Cut

Take a pair of scissors and cut the chain. Add a bit of glue to the top of the chain on the shoe and a bit more to the chain still attached to the ball of yarn to keep it from fraying!

Step 6: Covering the Sneaker's Tongue

This step can be a little difficult as there isn't a lot of room to work at the bottom of the tongue. However remember what a shoe looks like when it is laced up, you don't see the edges of the tongue as the top parts cover it. So get as much chain down as you can on the bottom and don't worry to much!

Step 7: Cover the Toe

Cover the shoe's toe in the same way we have covered the rest of the shoe. Your sneaker should now look like this.

Step 8: And Now the Outline

Starting at the same corner of the shoe where you began gluing down the chain you are going to start outlining the shoe. I recommend going around the bottom of the whole shoe, and when you reach the other end go up and begin outlining the the top of the sneaker until you get back to the start. Next bring the chain between the tongue and toe, around the toe and back once again to where you began. You can go around the shoe a second time to make a more visible outline, I like the way this looks, but use your own judgement. That's it your shoe is done, now on to the laces!

Step 9: Time for Laces

To make laces I used Red Heart Boutique Sashay Sequins Yarn, but pick a novelty yarn that works for you. To start the laces tie a knot an inch or so up from the bottom. I used regular sewing thread and then wrap the thread around and around until you get to the bottom the yarn. Then tie another knot and cut the thread.

Step 10: Super Glue Time

Once the thread has been tied off cover all the thread in a layer of super glue. Then let dry. When it is dry (it won't take long maybe 2 minutes.) Thread the laces through the sneakers.

Step 11: Scotch Guard

Finally grab your can of Scotch Guard and your sneakers and head outside. Cover the sneakers in a layer of Scotch Guard until the shoes are damp. Then let the sneakers dry for 48 hours and viola...your shoes are done! Go outside and enjoy your amazing shoes!

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    These are pretty cool!!


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    Such a funky-cool idea! I love the finished look. Great idea!