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This hat makes the perfect costume for a college student who doesn't have a lot of money to buy their own. The materials for the hat doesn't cost much. This hat does require some crocheting skills. Originally I wanted to go with a Gandalf style hat, but this reminds me more of the sorting hat from Harry Potter. If you decide to make this hat or make it with modifications please post pics! I'd love to see what other people come up with.



Crochet Hook 5.50mm

Card Stock Paper



Tissue Paper

Stitch Marker

A Cookie Jar

Yarn Needle


Abbreviations used:

sc- single crochet

dc- double crochet

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Step 1: Getting Started

chain 2

4 sc in 2nd chain from hook

Put your stitch marker in the first stitch every time you start a new row.

(the number in parenthesis is just there to give you an idea how many stitches you should have)

1sc in each stitch (4)

1sc in the first stitch 2sc in the next etc.(6)

sc in ea(6)

1dc in the first stitch, 1dc in the second stitch, 2dc in the third, 1dc, 1dc, 2dc(8)

1dc 1dc 2dc 1dc 1dc 2dc 1dc 1dc(10)

1dc 1dc 2dc 1dc 1dc 2dc etc(13)

1dc 1dc 2dc 1dc 1dc 2dc etc(17)

1dc 1dc 1dc 2dc 1dc 1dc 1dc 2dc etc(21)

1dc 1dc 1dc 1dc 2dc etc(25)

1dc 1dc 1dc 1dc 2dc etc

1dc 1dc 1dc 1dc 1dc 2dc etc

3 increases in this row. (doesn't matter where just space them out)

increase 2 times in every row until you reach the desired circumference of hat.

dc once in each stitch until the hat is long enough to fit on on your head

Step 2: Making the Rim of the Hat

For the rim of the hat dc in the next 5 stitches and increase on the 6th stitch. Do this until the rim of the hat is the desired length you'd like.

Next find a cookie jar or something to stand your hat up.

Measure the rim of your hat so you know how much card stock paper to cut out.

Cut out the paper and tape it to make a rim around your hat. Cut off any paper that sticks out farther than the crocheted rim.

I recommend laminating the paper rim with tape but that's optional.

Next take the hat and paper ring off the jar. Crochet where you left off and do the same thing only decrease in every 6th stitch instead of increase. After a few rows put your paper ring into the rim of your hat and crochet over it. sew both sides of the rim with a yarn hook or crochet them together with the paper in between.

Step 3: Stuffing the Hat to Add Body

This step is optional but highly recommended. Stuff your hat with tissue paper to add some shape to it. You crochet over the tissue paper in the inside if you don't want it to fall out.

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1 year ago

omg this is soooo cute. I'm going to try turning it into a scarecrow hat..... I like the idea of pipecleaners to make the brim floppier. At the tip are you joining with a sl sts to work in the round?


3 years ago

This is such an awesome pattern. Love the shape!


3 years ago

so going to make this, but im going to use pipe cleaners at the brim so its floppier <3 ty for sharing this


Reply 4 years ago

Haha thankyou :) you should totally make one! I'd love to see what you come out with.

What a great idea to add the cardboard to stiffen up the outside brim of the hat! Thank you for sharing the pattern and the idea! =)

1 reply