Crocheting a Blanket

Introduction: Crocheting a Blanket

The materials you will need are:

-Yard of choice(start with10 Balls) -5.75mm or 10mm hook (personal choice) The yarn can be of your choice but personally I like chunky yarn. I used a 5.75mm hook which made me use a lot of more yarn and it made the blanket come out super think and and tight. If you use the 10mm hook it will leave the blanket a little looser and you will use less yarn. The only reason I used the 5.75mm hook is because I don't like the 10mm hook because it's super thick.

Step 1: You Make a Knot

You get your hook and you create a crochet knot just like shown on the picture.

Step 2: You Start Your Chain

You start making a chain. You make it as long as you want your blanket to be. It's very simple to create a chain, you just grab the yarn with the hook and pull it into the hole and it stays on your hook and you repeat that until your chain is as long as you want it.

Step 3: You Start the Half Double Crochet

On this picture it shows you step by step how you create a half double crochet. You just work into your chain and once you're on step four you go back to step one. Once you're at the other end of the chain and you're finished. You go up your blanket with a couple of chains and then you start your way back to the other side of your blanket. You keep doing the same steps until you're finished.

Step 4: Progress / Final Product

Here I added a picture of how my blanket was coming out and then a picture of my final product. The blanket ended up being really tight because I used a 5.75mm hook. It was easier for me but if you don't want your blanket to be as tight I recommend a 10mm hook.

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