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I'm going to share my best croissant recipe is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside let's start!

Step 1: Let's Make the Dough

Let's start with the ingredients you need
126 grams of water
7 grams of yeast
250 grams of flour
1 and 1/2 teaspoon of salt
25 grams of sugar
50 grams of soft butter

Mix water and yeast
While mixing salt sugar and flour together, add with the yeast and butter and mix until smooth knead by hand or machine a few minutes until smooth and soft, cover with a plastic bag or damp cloth and let rise at room temperature 2 hours

After two hours, strike and stretch the dough in. A square of 7 * 4 inches and refrigerate all night

Step 2: Prepare Your Butter

You need 125 g
In a zyploc bag make a rectangle 7 x 4 inches and chill

Step 3: Folding Process

Take out the refrigerator. Butter 45 minutes before using

Folding Process / Lamination (Tourage)

Give one double turn + one single

Roll out dough into a ≈6x9 inch rectangle. Place butter slab in the center and fold the sides over to enclose the butter (do not overlap dough). Seal and roll out into a long and narrow strip ≈6x18-inch keeping all edges as straight as possible. Begin rolling from the center of the dough towards the edges, and not from one side of the dough all the way to the other side. This technique helps to keep the dough at an even thickness. Always brush out any excess flour before folding.
Now fold 3/4 dough and 1/4
The left edge is folded in to meet the last third on the other side, then the right third is folded in then close like a book. Flaten; wrap up and refrigerate 30 min or more to rest.

Step 4: Croissant Method

Take. Out roll. Out to 8 x 14 inches or have about 3-4 milímetres and cut your croissants
In triangles

You can put. Chocolate inside or leave it natural, just roll the triangle to have the croissant shape, and let rise two hours or more at room temperature until it looks spongy, now mix. A. Pinch of salt. With an egg and paint the croissants just before entering the oven at 200 degrees celcius 10 minutes and low to 180 12 minutes more and ready

Step 5: Enjoy Your Croissants

I know it's a lot work but don't have idea how delicious it's a homemade croissant

Please make it and enjoy
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Have a nice baking

Tip use best cuality butter

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    3 months ago

    I think You need someone to translate the recipe amounts and the folding process for people in the US of A.

    2 replies

    Reply 2 months ago

    While the water measurement by grams surprised me a bit it's still doable. All of them are easily converted using google'fu. For example 7 grams of yeast = (0.25ounces)

    As for the folding process, I guess you're having problems with the fractions used in the description? Just hit the link on the pictures that says "Show 18 more images" or whatever...


    Reply 2 months ago

    For us metric dudettes and dudes it's not so unusual to measure water in grams, since it equals ml. It's more precise to measure it with a digital scale, than with a standard volumetric kitchen jug or cup or teaspoon...

    For Android users i can recommend "ConvertPad" and/or "RealCalc" for conversions and calculations. (Free versions available and usable)


    3 months ago

    Very nice project and definitely worth the effort.

    I also made a instructable about it. But i layered it differently.

    1 reply
    imerrymaryDonald Howes

    Reply 3 months ago

    I wondered about that, too. Is the 50 grams of butter added to the dough or is the butter folded between the layers of pastry? Also, is that a silicone sheet that's lining your baking pan? These look delicious and seem easier than I would have guessed!!


    Reply 3 months ago

    Forget about putting the amount. I already corrected it :) it's soo easy just take two days but taste amazing, I hope you try it!!

    And yes you came use silicone mat or parchment paper in a baking pan :)


    3 months ago

    Wow! Those look perfect :D


    3 months ago

    The correct way to make puff dough and croissants as well. Croissants got their shape from the ottoman flag, a baker from Vienna made them to commemorate the Austrians victory against Turks.