Cromoterapia known as the therapy of color, is a technology used in the alternate medicine. His aim is to treat some diseases being based on some colors. The cromoterapia bases on the change of spirit of the persons and this does that the diseases have a major facility of treatment

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Step 1: Introduction

The state of mind of the patient Was Analyzed. When this does side that color to use to be able to change his state of mind, depending if the patient wants to be happy, sad, etc. Then we  selected the color that focuses more on the state of mind that the patient wants. Then we analyzed the state of mind.

Step 2: Step 1

Ask the teacher which are the student which is the most Hyperactive and which is the student which is the most tranquil.

Step 3: Step 2

Make the Hyperactive kid look at a (insert color here) picture for 2 minutes. And the tranquil kid look at a (insert color here) picture for 2 mintutes.

Step 4: Step 3

At the end of the day, ask the teacher if there were any mood changes in the tested kids.

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