Crosbow for Paper Gliders

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Intro: Crosbow for Paper Gliders

You will need:

scrap woods from the other projects.

black screws for wood

one strong cord (the best is metal string)

duct tape

A4 paper and strong wire for paper gliders

How to make:

First prepare the stand for a crossbow. This can be done from the scrape of woods.

Then create the sliding board with launching mechanism for paper gliders.

Now take the slim piece of desk and make bow of it.

In the end connect the bow to the sliding board.

Now You are ready to fire Your paper gliders.

Paper gliders for this balista are made like normal one with one difference. They need some plasticine and a strong wire to create hook for the bow string.

All of it is described in the video.



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    4 Discussions


    1 year ago

    That's a clever trigger system, going to have to try it


    1 year ago

    This is so awesome! It launches so fast you can hardly see it :)

    2 replies

    Reply 1 year ago

    Yes, it fires very fast.

    I only regret that i didn't take any photos during the development :(