Cross Cutting Sleigh

Introduction: Cross Cutting Sleigh

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Fellow Instructables here i have a Cross Cutting Sleigh

if you have a table saw this is a must. it will make cutting Small Pcs of wood very Easy and Safe.

i use 20" by 30" by 1/4 inch thick Not Flexible Wood

for the Fence 30" by 6" by 1/2" i use Pine.

the middle of the Sleigh must be off centre to the blade. in my case

the L side is 13 inches and the R side is 17 inches.

install the Rails on the bottom of the sleigh

They must fit nice and secure inside the channels but not touching the bottom.

place a small pc of cardboard inside the channels place the Rails in side put Glue on top. all the way along Each Rail

then pace the wood on top and place something heavy until glue sets

Flip wood over remove cardboard from channels " the two channels on the table saw"

move wood forwards and backwards it must ride freely and easy.

after making sure the table saw blade is an a 90 degrees angle to the table

secure the front & BackFence to wood. make sure front Fence is Square to Table Blade.

move wood away from blade . raise blade 1 inch and make your Cut all the way from back of fence to front of fence.

Raise Blade all the way up and Cut one more time. Fence Must be taller than Blade

For Safety Make a Box and place it in front of the Fence The one thats closer to you.

so that the blade is always away from your hands.

Now go and make something.

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    The 1st picture you see its the finnish product. and it works great hope you make one


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry, I should have been more clear... I would like to see the instructable completed.