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About: I'm just an average teenager whose life passion is welding. I absolutely love it. And on rainy days i just stay cooped up in my room just making stuff.

I have seen many ways to make a keychain fob and thought "Hey I can make a too." So this is my first instructable dealing with paracord and I hope you enjoy. :D

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need one or two colors of paracord, a lighter, some great weaving music, and a pair of scissors. The length of your paracord doesn't matter but I have found for every foot you get an inch on the fob.

Step 2: Beginning the Fob

Start by removing the inner strands of the two cords so that they can be squeezed flat when you tighten the cords (but if you want a beefier fob you can keep the strands inside). Next take either one of the cords, fold it in half, and make a loop as shown.

Step 3: Start Making the Cross Knot

The beginning of this is a little tricky but bare with me. Take the light cord and hold it with the loop down and the cords hanging out. Now take the dark cord and half it and slide the light cord through the u that is made by the dark cord. Now pull the light cord over the dark and this should make an arch. Next put the opposite light cord between the two dark cords. Now take the top dark cord and put it through the bottom arch. Then pull it back over the light cord and through the arch again. Now just pull the cords until it is tight against the knot for the loop. And make sure the dark cords are even before going on. I failed to do so. XP

Step 4: Continue the Weaving

This is the easy part, YAY!! Now take either two cords and loop them over to the other side. Now take the other two cords and put them through the loops. After that just pull tight and there you have it. Now you can continue until you have a little cord left. (And yes I know my dark cords are uneven.)

Step 5: Finishing the Fob

Now that you have run out of cord all you have to do is cut the ends off and singe the tips to keep it all together. And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, a cross knot key fob. Hope you enjoy the project and please leave comments to help me improve on other instructables in the future.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I love making these, seems I always have 'scrap' from bracelets so I make these with my scrap. The first knot is the most difficult, but once you get the hang of it you can make these in your sleep. Great instructions!!!