Cross Stitch Bookmark



Introduction: Cross Stitch Bookmark

This is a simple cross stitch bookmark that you could make as a gift for one of your favourite book worms. They only take a couple of hours depending on your design. Enjoy!

Step 1: What You Will Need...

Aida (I am using 16 count)

Cross stitch threads

Scrap material



Optional -

Aida paper

A small piece of plastic (cut from a folder)

Step 2: Getting Started...

1. Measure a piece of aida 150mm x 40mm (or any size you want really!) and cut out.

2. Now, I usually draw my design onto aida paper so that I can get it accurate. I usually find an alphabet cross stitch or simple image pattern. It's up to you! If you feel confident to go ahead without this, that's fine!

3. Get stitching!

Step 3: Tidy It Up...

4. Now you have finished stitching your design you need to back it to hide the knots.

5. Find some scrap material (old t-shirt, jeans, etc) and using a running stitch, sew your cross stitch onto the fabric.

Optional... Sometimes to make my bookmark stiff, I cut up a piece of thin plastic (an old folder) and put a thin strip in between the aida and the backing material. This means my bookmark isn't so floppy.

6. Cut away the excess material.

7. Iron.

Step 4: Finished? Get Reading!

These are so simple to make and can be personalised to your taste!

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Fun project. I am going to show this to my daughter. She loves craft projects like this.