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Introduction: Cross Bow

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This is my first Instructabe. I am going to teach you how to make a cross bow. This cross bow is made from home made shoots the arrow more than 25 feet. It has a storage of up to 7 arrows.I have made it a trigger powered cross bow. I am not responsible for any damage caused.Do not aim at face or eyes.

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Step 1: Materials Required.

Here is the list of things required to make a cross bow:
1. 2 empty pens
2. 2 packets of fevi kwik
3. 4 or more refils
4. 4 rubber bands
5. 1 long piece of paper
6. 1 pin
7. reel of thread
8. scissors or cutter
9. tape
10. metal clip

Step 2: Method (making the Body)

To begin with tape the 2 empty pens together using tape.Then role some thread until the pens are held together tightly.Make sure that the pens are firm.This is going to our main body.

Step 3: Making the Bow

Out of the four refills,choose any two firm refills that are strong.Tape them together tightly.The more firm your refills are the more far will go the arrow.

Step 4: Making the Cross

Connect the refills and the pens with tape until firm.(double sided tape is better)You can also use thread and fevi kwik for this purpose.Now the cross bow has begun to get it's shape.

Step 5: Connecting the Rubber Bands

Take any two rubber bands and connect them to the ends of the refills.If they come out use thread or pieces of tape.

Step 6: Making the Trigger

Take the metal clip and stick it on the end of the pens with tape and fevi kwik or rubber bands and threads along with double sided tape.

Step 7: Making the Arrow Holder

Slip the pin between the rubber bands at center using only tape and nothing else.

Step 8: Making the Aimer

Take the piece of paper and make a curve out of it.Then stick it over the pin leaving a gap of about 3 mm approx.

Step 9: Making the Storage

Slide another refill under the rubber band used for the clip.You can store as many as 7 rubber bands at one time.Depends on the rubber band.

Step 10: Using the Crossbow

Take the last refill and put its back into the pin and stretch the rubber band till it is caught by the clip.Now press the clip!(Do not aim) BOOM!!!The refill is launched.Now you can use the aimer to aim at others.

Step 11: Your Cross Bow Is Ready!Have Fun!

By- Aakash Mansukhani

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    5 years ago

    wait dose it shoot rubber bands or ink tube things in the pens