Cross-stitch Mobile Pouch



Introduction: Cross-stitch Mobile Pouch

This is a cross-stitch mobile pouch I made in my junior year. It was a Mother’s Day present I made for my mom.

Step 1:

Basically I just followed the instructions of the Cross-stitch to embroider the cloth.

Step 2:

I came to study at a private high school in Santa Rosa, CA, in January, 2012. It was the first time I left my parents, came out of my comfort zone, and lived alone in a foreign country. At first I was really homesick. Then my mom posted a pink stuffed bear to me all the way from China, with a note saying “Mama and Baba love you! You are a tough girl!” Since then, I started to focus more on study and gradually got used to live independently. I decided to make a mobile pouch with a bear on it for my mom.

I used a needle, color threads, strings, and an embroidered cloth to make the pouch. For cross-stitch what I did was basically forming “X”s on the cloth with different threads to make up a picture on the cloth.

I worked on it mostly at home when I have some spare time. I took it to school a few times when I have free periods. I tried to rush out a month before Mother’s Day so I can have enough time to send it back to China for my mom.

It was kind of difficult at first because this was a brand new sewing skill for me to learn. I did a lot of research on line to make sure that I did it correctly in every step. It was very tiring but also very fun during the whole sewing process. A few times I just felt like I wanted to give it up because it was so hard to make. But then I just visualized how happy my mom would be when she got this surprise. And that was what made me keep doing it till I finished it. I learned to be insistent and patient during this process and I am very happy that my mom really loves it!!! =)

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