Introduction: Crossbow

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This one is the first crossbow I’ve tried to build. So, we all should consider this as a prototype.

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Step 1: Building the Frame

Unlike regular crossbows, I've built the front (bow) part by wood and used a strong rubber on it.

Step 2: Time to Test It

Effective Range: About 20 meters

Accuracy: Bull's eye. Pierced the both sides of a can which was 1 mm thick in total. Painted as camo. Added corbels to both sides. Ready to fire. Within 20 meters, it seems working pretty well.

Step 3: Final Product

I absoulutely want to try again for a better & complete crossbow. In this model, I’ve used powerful rubber in order to deliver bow action but it doesn't work properly. Not always firing linearly nor shooting more than 20 meters. With the next model, I’ll use pvc tube & carbon fiber sticks inside instead of wood and rubber for the bow part.

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