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Introduction: Crossbow/ Bow Thingy

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I made this thing out of 20mm pvc, it has some pulleys to change the direction of force so the bow can be more compact. The loop on the string can be used with a archery release aid or cos its so big you can stick your finger in it. The arrow I use for it is 20 inch, it was just a arrow I broke. I got the design of the bow from jaycubL on YouTube, I highly recommend you check out his channel.



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    also this would make a great zombie apocalypse weapon


    4 years ago

    The pvc was heated and the arrows get stuck into wooden fences from about 10 meters away, it's pretty weak but a fun thing to make

    did you heat the pvc to flatten it? how about to curve it ? what kind of penetration or distance do you get ?