Crown Molding Shelves Installation

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Crown molding shelves add a distinctive architectural element to any decor while providing a versatile, flexible display for photos, framed art and collectibles. Easy-to-install with an invisible mounting system. Here we will show you how to install a crown molding shelf to wall.

Step 1: Components Included

When you get a crown molding shelf, there should be following items in the packaging:
1: one shelf
2: two wood blocks
3: two screws
4: two anchors

Step 2: How Wooden Blocks Work?

On back of wood shelf, there is a full length groove. The "L" shape wood blocks just hook the groove so the shelf fixed.

Step 3: Install Wood Blocks

Install two wooden blocks to wall with screws and anchors included. Make sure wooden blocks are in the right direction and same level.
* space of blocks could be as long as possible but within length of groove on the back of mantel shelf.

Step 4: Set Shelf on Blocks

Set the wood crown molding shelf snugly over the installation blocks. For added stability, a small finishing nail may be tapped down through the top of the shelf into each of the installation blocks.

Step 5: Crown Molding Shelves Collection



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