Crown Royal Quilt




Introduction: Crown Royal Quilt

My husband had collected all of these bags over years, there where about 90 bags in all, some were given to  him by friends.
This is my very first quilt I ever made

Supplies used
About 90 Crown Royal Bags
Gold Thread
Purple Border
Gold Tensile
Emboriary Hoop
Twin size Batting
12x12 pillow for the pillow case cover
Gold material for the back of the pillow case cover

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Step 1: Making of the Crown Royal Quilt

I started by cutting the bags by using sissors and then used a rotar cutter and pad
Then I placed the squares on the floor to see how i wanted to lay them out and then pined them together
Then out came my sewing machine and sewed the top and back
Then I placed the back on the floor, batting, and then the top, I tried to line up the gold lines as much as possible and pin it with lots of streight pins.
Then starting from the middle of the quilt, I place my hoop, and used my ruler to draw a cross, and embrodiay my hand with the gold thread, believe my, my fingers were really sore until i found they hand protectors and went and bought some, it really helped.
After I finished I sewed the Purple Bordered on and then the gold tensile.

Step 2: Making of the Crown Royal Pillow Case

I cut the smaller bags into smaller squares and then placed them on the floor to see how I wanted it to look
Then I sewed it together, for the back side of the case it is gold from some scrap material I had left over. I sewed
the cut it a little larger than the size of the pillow so the it would over lap in the back, then I cut it in half and sewed the ends of it.
Then I turned the crown royal side inside out with the gold side inside out and sewed it together, then I turned it right side out.
After that i put the purple border on and the gold tensile.

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yes it was, but he did have help with neighbors drinking it. Some if the neighbors that bought some of the Crown Royal would give me the bags. Like I said, he collect them over several years. but its a quilt of one of a kind