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Introduction: Crown Royal Serving Tray

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I was racking my brain on what to make or do for fathers day.

Tossed around a few ideas did some searching and here is the outcome.

The idea isn't original but I totally winged my plans on how to lay and cut everything.

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Step 1: Getting Started

Wood is Cherry with Pine dowels

Cherry is 6 1/2in wide x 13in length x 3/4 depth

3/8 pine dowel

I didn't take pictures of cutting the wood and measurement layout. (Sorry)

But here is the layout

Each hole for the cups are 3 inches.

The center bottle cut out is for a 750ml. Its 3 inch wide and 4 3/4 depth - Slightly important with depth and the way the bottle flares out towards the top.

holes are centered but everything is spaced 1 inch from each other 1+3+1+3+1+3+1 = 13

Step 2: Stacking/Shaping

I took both my boards cut exactly the same minus the holes for the top to shape the curves.

I rounded my corners 1 inch (using bench top belt sander).

Keeping them stacked I went to the drill press. Using 3/8 forstner bit I completely drilled through both top and bottom.

Step 3: Sanding/Routing

I pulled out my osculating sander and did my best sanding the center holes then tried to finish up with hand sanding.

Using a round over bit I did a slight rounding to ever side.

Step 4: Adding Dowels and Sanding

I will remember next project to take more pictures

The wood is 3/4 top and bottom. so 1.5 inch total

I cut the dowel to 3 inch total you will need four pieces this leaves 1.5 inch for the opening

Sanded everything down to 220 grit

Step 5: Finishing

I finished mine in teak oil. This was after about 3-4 coats. I actually went back and added another 3-4 coats and turned out a bit darker and the grain popped even more.

This turned out to be a successful fathers day gift for my dad.

Good luck to everyone that gives it a try.

Happy to answer any questions.

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    That looks really nice :)


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