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Introduction: Cruise Control 2.0

We invented a system to improve driving. Our system has been developed by Labview. We used the Arduino microprocessor. i called it cruise control 2.0 because i created a système for automate the direction not the motor. Is the reason why i call it 2,0 you can see my COMPLET VIDEO HERE:
. This project was creat by Nicolas Tanguay and Rémy Rodrigue for expo science 2013

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Step 1: You Need

For this tutorial you need many thing. 1 Arduino,1servomotor,4 weels, 1 body car, 1 Webcam and all software

Step 2: Download All Software

First you need to install the Arduino and Labview. When is done download the plug-in vision and motion. After that download VIPM software for using the microprocessor. Once vipm search arduino and install it. Now we can begin to work.

          Vision and Motion:

Step 3: Download LIFA Base on Arduino

For communicate to Arduino with Labview you must upload the LIFA base on arduino. You can download the LIFA base in VIPM software. The name on this file is: LVIFA_Base.ino. DON'T FORGET TO DROP IN SKETCHBOOK. 

For mor information you can follow the instruction on this web site: 

Step 4: Getting Vision Systeme

To begin we must to have a vision with webcam. In the block vision aquisition you can decide to chose the video format and many other option. In vision assitant you chose the matching pattern. The matching pattern is the maner for reconize a simple image. Exemple the line of the road. Choose 640x400 for display format.

Step 5: Situate the Road Line

The next step is to find the image localisation (matching pattern). When the match pattern is locate we must find the cartesinne localisaton X,Y. We just need the X. And find the position in the red square. Use the two diagonal. To find te center. After that you need to change the X for an angle: Exemple: 320=90

Step 6: Control Arduino

Now we must transfer the angle to Arduino. In this exemple the servomoteur was plug in digital PIN 8

Step 7: Add Condition

For the last step you can change the value 0 for 90. For better performance you can up the camera.

Step 8: Maybe You Can Have Probleme

If you have trouble with Arduino and the webcam you can try to put battery in the Arduino. For more information email me: here

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    2 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for the details walking through it. Can you give a little more detail on what cruise control 2 does?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Hah. Nothing like asking for specifics when I was vague myself.

    What I'm gathering from the photo is that it will steer toward the white line in the treadmill. When I think cruise control, I think speed rather than steering, so at first I was wondering if this included some auto braking. Could you add a small paragraph that explains what the goal is and why it's 2.0?

    I love the idea and have been wanting to do similar things for a while!

    Many thanks