Crunch Meat (instead of Lunch Meat)

I was hungry one day so I just put some stuff together and ended up making these yummy snacks with only TWO ingredients! So I decided to be nice and share this delicious awesomeness with you all.

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Step 1: Ingredients

Lunch-meat of your choice
Baby carrots
A cutting board
Optional: A serving dish

Step 2: Preparation

Picture1:Put down a piece of meat.

Picture2: Put a right near one of the ends

Picture3:Fold in the edges

Picture4:Roll it up

Picture5:Secure with a toothpick

Picture6:Mass produce

Step 3: Enjoyation

Proceed to enjoy the snack you just made.

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    I know the tite sounds slightly disgusting but I couldnt think of anything else. Besides, the dish itself is good!