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Introduction: Crunchy Homemade Chocolates

Do you like chocolate? Do you like chips? Believe it or not, when you combine the two you get something really good. I've been making these chocolates for 8 years, and I haven't met anyone yet who doesn't like them.

These are great to make to give away as a gift, just to have around the house if you (or your significant other) is a chocoholic, and are particularly good for those who crave chocolate and salt.

And they are ridiculously easy to make, as I hope you will see by the end of this instructable (this would be a great project for Dad's to do with their kids).

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Step 1: Ingredients

You will need one each of the following:

12 oz bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips
12 oz bag of peanut butter baking chips
12 oz bag of butterscotch baking chips

1 small bag of plain ruffled potato chips

You can of course use more, but I would not use any less than this. If you are making a lot, then you would definitely want to buy a big bag of potato chips, as I show here.

If you do use more baking chips, make sure to try and have equal amounts of each type of baking chip.

Step 2: Equipment

You don't need a lot of fancy equipment to make these.

- Large bowl for melting and mixing.
- Rolling pin to crush the potato chips (or another heavy object, even a shoe will do in a pinch)
- Bag to contain the crushed potato chips
- A heat source to melt the baking chips.*
- A form for the final chocolates.**

* A microwave will work fine for melting, but with the appropriate bowl you could in theory use an oven or toaster oven if you were careful. I would not try to do it on the stovetop unless you already have experience melting chocolate that way

** If you are just making a bunch for personal eating, I find a baking sheet lined with wax paper will work great. If you want to get fancier, you may want to get some plastic chocolate forms or some small paper cups to pour the melted chocolate into.

Step 3: Crushing Potato Chips

Putting the potato chips in the plastic bag, use the rolling pin (or another heavy object) to crush them up. You don't want them extremely fine, because you want to use this to add a little bit of texture to the chocolates.

After crushing them up, set them aside to be mixed into the melted chocolate baking chips.

Note: this step can either be done in advance of or while the baking chips are being melted in the microwave.

Step 4: Melting Baking Chips

This of course is what really makes the chocolates, melting and mixing together all those different baking chips. After you have dumped all three varieties of baking chips into the bowl, put the bowl in the microwave long enough to melt the chips together.

I find that a total of 5 minutes, with a pause at 2.5 minutes to take them out and stir them up a bit, works well. After 5 min., the chips won't look completely melted, but a bit of stirring should get them completely mixed together. 

Keep in mind that depending on what you are using for a form will to some degree change how long you heat the baking chips up. If you are using small forms, you will probably want very runny chocolate so that it remains free flowing until you are done pouring into the forms, but if you are using a baking sheet like I am here, it has to be just runny enough to mix in the potato chips and spread.

Step 5: Mixing and Spreading

After your baking chips are good and melted and mixed together, it is time to mix in the crushed potato chips. Make sure they are mixed well, you want a nice homogeneous mixing.

Now you are ready to pour out the chocolate into your forms. Here I am using a baking sheet with wax paper as my *form*. The wax paper will make it easier to remove from the baking sheet.

After pouring into the form, transfer the chocolate to a fridge or put it outside in the winter time (if you live in Canada anyways).

One more step, and then we can eat!

Step 6: Remove From Form

After setting your chocolate in the fridge (either 1 hour or overnight) it is ready to remove from the form. Paper wrappers won't need removal, but plastic forms and even our baking sheet need a little more work.

Here you can see I used a large knife to cut up the chocolate (while on the wax paper but on a cutting board, so as not to ruin the baking sheet) into smaller pieces, and then put the pieces in small ziploc baggies to keep in the freezer (long term) or fridge (short term).

Step 7: Enjoy!

Make sure to sample your craftmanship, and if you so desire, to share them with others. But that isn't a requirement.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Note that these are not chocolates that will keep in any kind of heat. They really should be kept in the fridge, unless the ambient temperature outside is well below 20C (70F).

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    7 Discussions


    8 years ago on Step 3

    Why not just use the bag the chips were packaged in? Just poke a couple pin holes to let the air out and take your rolling pin to it. Or is it important to be able to see the chips as you crush them, so you don't go too far?


    Reply 8 years ago on Step 3

    That would probably work. I never thought to try that, mostly because I wanted to be able to see how far along I was. But normally I stop and open up the bag to check anyway, so using the original bag would probably work.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    There is nothing finer than putting crisps (what we call chips in the UK) into a nutella and peanut butter sandwich. I particularly like using salt and vinegar Pringles.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    WHAT? I want to go to there....drool....I MUST try this. I love both chips & chocolate, but never considered combining the 2. Good thinking!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Yum! I've never seen anyone mix chips and chocolate. Such a good idea!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This looks absolutely amazing! Can't wait to try these soon, thank you for sharing! =D


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    What a yummy, sinful dessert! It's been a big hit with the family, thanks.