Crush Proof Technician's Toolkit of Death




If you are like me, you have many small, easily lost or broken items in your toolbox or pocket. This 'structable combines many of these items and packages them in a sleek sturdy box 'o death veneer.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

Tools used in this project were:

CD-ROM housing from broken laptop
Tin Snips
Straight thru ethernet adapter
X-over adapter
DB9/RJ45 console adapter
Bluetooth Dongle
Electric drill
All purpose glue and spray adhesive
Magical screw bucket
Squishy foam
Shanking rig
Permanent marker
Box 'o Death
Can do attitude

Step 2: Select and Build Your Housing

The first step to this project for me was selecting and creating my housing. I selected a pack of cigarettes to showcase my project, not because i am a smoker, but because i felt it was much more deadly and manly than the box of raisins I was considering as an alternate. Although I think it would be humorous to open up a technician's toolbox to find a lonely box of raisins, I felt a pack of cigarettes was much more common and inconspicuous. Also because it is indeed pocket sized. Even though the box says "crush proof" I decided to reinforce it a little better with a metal housing.

Step 3: Secure Your Tools

Now that your housing has taken shape you can start to bolt down your various adapters and tools. You can pick any tools you find useful and that can be easily lost or broken. I picked a console adapter, straight thru and x-over adapters, bluetooth dongle, and flash drive.

Step 4: Hide Your Bad Cutting and Drilling

I do not in any way condone smoking. Simply read the side of the box. You will die from it.

Step 5: Create a Safe Space for the Rest of Your Tools

To better secure the remaining pieces of my multi-tool I decided to add a little foam.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Fruits

Here's some pictures of the Toolkit 'o Death in action. I would love some feedback. Although I have been a fan of the site for some time, this is my very first 'structable! Thanks for looking!



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    Did you know that 1200 people die everyday in the U.S. from tobacco related illnesses. That's one person every 8 seconds. Think about that number as compared to the number of people you work with, go to school with, or even see every day. How many seconds would it take to kill all of those people?

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    I'm sorry I just know how close you and amber are and it would kill my daughter if anything ever happened to you. You have become like a son this past year and I've loved having your around. Did you realize that there are over 4,000 chemicals in the smoke that comes off of your cigarette? I am just hoping that you and amber will have a long life together and I would hate to have something as dumb as smoking effect that.

    First of all you are not Amber's father. You are 28 just like me. Secondly don't call me son. And finally, yes. I am fully aware of all 4000 delicious different flavors, as i like to call them, that come off my cigarette.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Great instructable, i never trust the "crush proof" boxes. i always end up killing them somehow. but aside from that other uses for this could be a project box (led light or mini smoke machine inside of a cig packet) or a robot housing maybe. keep up the good work please note smoking is bad dont do it (i thought id say it as well)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Great toolbox, I'm also thinking of a box of raisins, but it would be funny to see the look of all friends faces.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    lol now people with think cigaretts are powering my laptop hahaha this is a great joke for school