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I am 17 years old and I live with my grandparents. This year my grandpa is getting old enough and have to walk with a crutch when he goes out, which happens a lot in sunny days.

I think my grandpa is never an in-door man, he always keep exercising, walking around, even with a crutch. This is good, for an old man like him, we all encourage him to do that. But there is one thing that truly bothers me, most of time he goes out along, because my grandma likes staying home, watching TV and I have to go to school, so to keep him safe and in case of emergency, I always urge him to carry his cell phone with him. My father bought him an Iphone last year. However, he always forget about this, even sometime my grandma reminds him to carry his cellphone, he still leave it behind somewhere at home. You know I can not blame him for that. So, I think I should figure out a way to solve this, that's how I came up with this Crutch Phone idea - combine the phone and the crutch together, because I noticed that one thing he would never forget is his crutch.

I have to say sorry firstly as I do not want to disassemble this Crutch phone to made a step-by-step instructable. So I'll be just describing what my idea is here.

Basically it's made with LinkIt One , a very nice development board for wearable and IoT devices. I added a 3-axis accelerometer module to detect unexpected falls.

From the picture you can see I've put all the things in a black box which I cannot remember where I found it : ( .

There are three buttons on the box. Red Green and Yellow, they are used to make quick calls. Actually, smart phones like Iphone does not do any better than an old style phones to the generation of my grandparents as the only function they use is just making calls and most of time, receiving calls from my parents and me. So three buttons for making quick calls would be enough for him.

  • Push Red button: Make a quick call to my father
  • Push Green button: Make a quick call to me

  • Push Yellow button: Make a quick call to my grandma

There is a RGB LED indicator on the top of the box, its green in normal mode, flashing red light when detecting emergency like unexpected fall happens. Also when emergency happens, the box will automatically send a message to both my father and me (not including my grandma, I dont want scare her if bad thing really happen to my grandpa)

There is a loud speaker in the box as well, it is activated if the crutch hit something badly and then keep still for at least 10s.

This pretty much about my Crutch Phone. Vote me if you like it, thank you.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    What a great and thoughtful item to make for your grandpa. Thank you for sharing the idea!

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