Cryan Family Gothic Green House




Introduction: Cryan Family Gothic Green House

Married to Domestic_Engineer (but I call her Meghan). ...

Hello -- It has been a long hard winter. It is time for spring. In New England, you often have to do things yourself. This time I am building a good size green house that you can walk into.


-Calculate costs

-Raise money - indigogo

-Gather materials

-Build baby build



-Then it will be winter again

Step 1: Calulate Cost

Jonnies seeds has a nice calculator that will show you everything you need to buy with costs.

Step 2: Indigogo Campain to Raise Money

Step 3: Gothic Hoop House Materials on Jonnies Seeds Webpage

Step 4: Plant -- Seeds and Seedlings

Step 5: Eat



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    Lol I'm pretty sure those are pictures from previous seasons. I'm in New Hampshire and we still have snow on the ground. a lot. :)