Crystal and Pearl Bracelet and Earring Set

Introduction: Crystal and Pearl Bracelet and Earring Set

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Step 1: Gather Materials

Materials I used were
-Swarovsky beads (in two sizes).  You can use any size you wish.
-Pearls (I used different size pearls for a graduated effect)
-Eye pins
-Regular pins
-Ear wires (any stile you want)

Step 2: Gather Tools

Tools needed will be:
-Small round nose pliers
-Small regular pliers
-Wire cutters

Step 3: Assembly Step One.

Thread beads on all pins (including the pins for the earrings).

Step 4: Assembly Step Two

Form the loop at the other end of the eye pin by first bending the wire backwards using the regular pliers,

Step 5: Assembly Step Two (continued)

then using the round nose pliers, curl the wire (going opposite of the bend) around the nose of the plier to form a loop that looks like a hook, 

Step 6: Assembly Step Two (continued)

complete the loop by pulling the loop down, do not cut yet.

Step 7: Assembly Step Three

Hook the loop you just made onto the eye portion of the next threaded bead pin, close the loop and cut off excess wire.  You will continue this until the bracelet is complete.  The bracelet is complete, when you get the desired size that would fit you or the recipient.

Step 8: Final Assembly

Open one end of the eye pin at the eye and attach it to the closing, and loop the other end of the bracelet to the other end of the closure, complete the loop and cut of excess wire.  Now your bracelet is complete.  You can either buy the closure at hobby craft stores, or you can recycle an old necklace that has a pretty closure like mine.

Step 9: Earring Assembly

The earring is done the same way, only that you will loop it on ear wires, close the loop, and cut off excess wire.

Step 10: Finally

Here is the completed bracelet and matching earrings for you or your friend to enjoy.

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